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Ep. 124 - Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice: Manifesting from the Realm of Potential + Possibility with Connie Kaplan
Episode 12421st June 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Krista + Lindsey have been dying to talk about dreams forever, so they put the call out there and manifested the lovely Connie Kaplan. Connie is a spiritual mentor who teaches dreaming as a spiritual practice and a unique form of theology, which centers around an understanding of each person’s life purpose.


Connie found her calling after contracting a mysterious virus and spending nearly two years of her life in bed. She slept, and she slept and slept and slept, and she experienced a profound spiritual transformation which altered not only her inner experience of life but her outer expression of life.


We kind of pass dreams off as being silly, crazy, or dumb, but they have a deep meaning and purpose. We spend half of our lives in this unconscious state – there’s so much happening and so much to be learned, if we choose to take control of it and use it as a method to transform. This conversation gets a little out there, but you know us! We talk about…


  • The illness that changed Connie’s life

  • How the moon affects our dreams + tracking your dreams according to the lunar cycle

  • Everyone’s unique dreaming pattern

  • Dreaming to heal

  • Collective dreams about 9/11

  • How dreams allow our subconscious minds to communicate with the collective energies

  • Heather’s dream pillow

  • The 13 different types of dreams

  • Menstruation + dreams

  • The unique chakra system that Connie received as a download

  • Doing the subconscious work

  • Jungian vs Freudian analysis

  • Using a dream journal


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