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"Are we there yet?" It's all about Perspective. Pt 2 | Ep 13
9th June 2021 • Victory in Mind • Waceke Wambaa
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Episode Summary

The mysteries, intrigues, suspense, fear, anticipation, joy that “Are we there yet?” can bring, are explored in today’s episode of Victory in Mind. So too are the challenging situations we go through as we continue on with our life’s journey. Come explore with me…


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[00:01:00] Introduction to today’s episode of Victory in Mind, which is part two of a series on "Are we there yet?" It's all about perspective. You can find part one here

[00:01:32] Setting the stage for a main highlight for the road-trip, journeying from Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenya. 

[00:02:40] The roadtrip-proof-not-so-scientific-guaranteed-of-a-process in interacting with the baboons.

[00:03:33] Have you actually considered that baboons might have an “Are we there yet?” moment too?🤔 

[00:04:18] Appreciating our success points, no matter how brief as we continue on our life’s journey. 

[00:04:50] When the road trip, the journey is more than uncomfortable. Painful. Framing your “Are we there yet?” when you find yourself in this situation.

[00:07:20] Understanding the cyclical repetitive nature of your journey and your destination.

[00:08:39] Reflection point of today’s Victory in Mind Episode.

[00:09:24] Putting everything into perspective. 

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Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope. 

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[00:00:27] Are you concerned about your future, the state of the world and how to best navigate the options or lack thereof road that life's thrown your way? Welcome to Victory in Mind, the podcast that focuses on practical strategies and solutions in living out our created potential. Together, our tribe will motivate, activate, educate, engage, challenge and inspire us all towards our created potential. You have a future. You have a hope. So don't give up.


[00:01:32] So there we were, at least one parent in the car with a bunch of rambunctious kids, fun times! I think one of the most favorite parts of this trip yet at the same time, one of the most terrifying, would be the one specific stretch of the road where you were sure to encounter a troop of baboons, who over the years had conditioned themselves, and we [00:02:00] travelers had conditioned ourselves, that we would slow our cars down and interact with the baboons. Okay guys, no comments on this practice about dealing with wildlife and humans. We just did it!

So we will always sure to carry some kind of food, in anticipation of that particular stretch of the road, where we were sure to encounter the baboons. Even if you knew you were going to take a nap and you were getting sleepy on the trip, you'd always, always, always be sure to let a sibling and a parent know. To wake you up so you could feed the baboons.


[00:03:33] And here's a thought... that in our habituating ourselves and the baboons for this exchange, the troop of baboons waited, I dare say waits eagerly for the arrival of any car bearing gifts of food. The baboons have a perspective too. Are we there yet to bring their treats? [00:04:00] What car will slow down so they can interact with us? We looked at them as part of a destination stop. They might have looked and looked at us as their final destination in free food. Who knew baboons had an "Are we there yet?" moment!


[00:04:50] Then, there were those who would dislike the entire road trip, whether it was because of motion sickness, just genuinely [00:05:00] just not being able to handle the trip. Their body's just having a tough time with the trip. Being confined with so many in such a tight space for so long, or maybe people going through personal tough times where one would sooner not have traveled, but for the family commitment and there was not a chance of opting out. Whatever the case, the journey was a painful experience only eased somewhat by reaching the destination.


00:06:40] So whatever the case, we all have varying degrees to our pleas of, "Are we there yet?" What's our perspective? Give a thought to where you are on your own, "Are we there yet?" as it relates to [00:07:00] different goals that you've made to yourself. Living with victory in mind means that we are able to honestly assess where we currently are, where our desires lie and where we hope to be and what steps we can practically take to being well on that journey to success.


[00:08:09] And that's part of what it means to keep going so we can reach that place of success. In the end point and the destination. Bearing in mind that the journey itself has so many places where we can be successful. So many points where we can stop and enjoy ourselves and say, look how far I have gotten in this journey.


[00:09:24] So today as you live and walk with victory in mind, know that if you're facing challenges with situations you're currently going through, keep at it. If the plan that you have is solid, stick with it, ride it out. You might be at year 10 of your 12 year medical degree. Sometimes, it's hard to see what's going on when you're stuck in trench warfare. Take a deep breath. Step back and honestly give yourself credit for the things, the points of success you have already made. You've already achieved. [00:10:00] Then reaffirm your commitment to that thing, that task, that goal, that objective. Then go back into the trenches and keep at it. Your, "Are we there yet?" is soon to show up just around the corner.


[00:11:02] Thank you for taking the time to listen to our podcast Victory in Mind. You could find this and other episodes of the podcast on Spotify, Podbean, Apple, or a host of other platforms. Or you can listen anytime Be sure to rate, review and subscribe to the show as your ratings and reviews really help make the show discoverable to other listeners. So they too can receive the same motivation and encouragement towards living out their created potential. So be encouraged. You have a future. You have a hope. Until next time. Thanks for listening. [00:14:00] [00:13:00] [00:12:00]