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Bonita Gibb on Innovations in Rural Mental Health and Personal Self Care
Episode 728th July 2020 • The Optimistic Advocate • Scott Bryant-Comstock
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Bonita Gibb is the Social Marketing Coordinator of the Otsego County System of Care in upstate New York. Aside from her proven track record as a professional and an advocate, she is also a loving wife and a mother of a teen daughter.  

In this episode, Bonita shares her journey with the organization and the rural community that they are serving. Their way of adaptation to the current pandemic to address the needs and deliver services to families, youth, and schools. She imparts useful tips on how to maintain good mental health and practicing self-care.    

What You'll Learn

  • The collaborative effort of mental health advocates and all of the system partners and community partners who are involved in making a difference for Otsego County. 
  • The programs and resources provided to the people of Otsego County to help them overcome the hurdles caused by the current pandemic. 
  • Practical tips on self-care and supporting your mental health. 
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote 

“The biggest thing is to not be afraid of your emotions. Just don't live there. And if you need to take a day to just sit on the couch and stare at all of your Netflix choices, that's fine. Just don't make it more than a day set, a time limit.” - Bonita Gibb

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