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Preparing For A Breakthrough With Jamie Raven | TSMP #080
Episode 8014th November 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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Learn What It Takes To Perform Magic For A Living

Jamie Raven burst onto an unsuspecting world through Britain’s Got Talent 2015. His magic amazed audiences and even made Simon Cowell exclaim, “I now actually believe in magic!”. His BGT videos have over 500 million views, making him one of the most-watched magicians in the world.

Jamie headlined ‘The Illusionists’, which went on to become the most successful magic show ever in the history of London’s West End.​ In 2016, he took his one-man show ‘Jamie Raven - Live’ on a tour across 5 countries, playing 120 shows across 105 different venues. Following the incredible success of his live shows and television appearances, he was invited to perform privately for HRH Prince Charles as part of the 2018 Christmas Celebrations.

In this episode, Jamie joins Aidan and Ashley to share his experience of performing on Britain’s Got Talent and his life’s journey after it. He talks passionately about building a full-time career in magic, creating your own performance style, and overcoming negative publicity.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [00:05] Who Is Jamie Raven?
  • [04:00] Jamie’s Life Before Britain’s Got Talent
  • [07:40] What It Takes To Perform Magic For A Living
  • [13:00] Every Show Leads To Another Show
  • [16:00] How Jamie Got On Britain’s Got Talent
  • [21:45] Dealing With Backlash And Negative Publicity
  • [30:00] If It Evokes (Any) Reaction, You Are Doing It Right
  • [34:20] How To ‘Steal Like An Artist’
  • [38:10] Creating Your Own Performance Style
  • [44:40] How To Write An Original Premise For Your Show
  • [47:20] Making Your Audience Feel Comfortable
  • [53:45] What To Perform On Television Shows

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