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Eric Casaburi: The Future of Wellness, Longevity, and Anti Aging
Episode 570 β€’ 16th February 2023 β€’ Master Mind, Body and Spirit β€’ Matthew Belair
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Eric Casaburi  is a Highly-acclaimed serial entrepreneur. He is the founder Retro Fitness and the Serotonin Centres franchises.


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Show Notes:



Eric Casaburi  is a Highly-acclaimed serial entrepreneur. He started Retro Fitness in the heart of the 2008 recession. Experiencing unexpected and unprecedented growth during what was otherwise described as β€œdark” economic times, he eventually grew the gym franchise to 150+ locations nationwide.


Today, he is the founder and CEO of the country's first anti-aging and human longevity franchise brand, Serotonin Centers.


A first-of-its-kind concept created to help men and women nationwide take control of their personal wellbeing, boost their healthspan, and enjoy the aging process.



Eric’s background


Why sleeping is the #1 hack for health

The aura ring app

Lifestyle for longevity

Doing health self assessments

The water jug hydration hack

The importance of closing your day

Being intentional with your day

Using a performance day

Hyperbaric chambers

Methalyn blue

Optimizing supplements

What is the best sauna to have?

Discipline equals freedom

Why you need passion and patience to be successful

Staying Optimistic while realistic

Instant gratification is a problem from the process

A powerful way to learn about failure

Creating discipline from mistakes

The shortest path to success is a high level of discipline

Having a quick recovery plan



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β„’Matthew Belair - OFFICIAL


Hello and good day marvelous podcast family. What a privilege and honor to be with you once again.

We've got a phenomenal episode of the show for you today. We have Eric Casaburi on and we are talking about the future of wellness, longevity and anti aging. In the show we dive into Eric's long and amazing background. We talk about bio hacking, the aura ring, lifestyle for longevity, the water jug hydration hack, using a performance day hyperbaric chambers, methylene blue, optimizing supplements, saunas, why discipline equals freedom, staying optimistic while realistic because Eric is a very successful entrepreneur as well, a powerful way to learn about failure, creating discipline from mistakes, having a quick recovery plan and so much more. This is a great show because Eric is really a bio hacking longevity wellness expert, but he's also a very successful entrepreneur. So he shares a lot of great mindset techniques and philosophies and tools around wellness, longevity and entrepreneurship. So I know you're going to enjoy this show. And if you do, please share it far and wide.

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So that's it. Let's come into a state of peace and coherence before we dive into this show, wherever you are in the world, just stop what you're doing. Take in a deep breath in through your nose. Hold that breath and let it out slowly filling every cell muscle and fiber of your being with joy, peace, contentment, power, faith, courage and get ready to enjoy this phenomenal episode with Eric Casaburi. Hello and welcome to the mastermind body and spirit show. I'm your host, Matt Belair. If you guys want to support this show, please go over to map a and become a member for free or by donation. But the best way you can support this show is to consider doing three kind acts wherever you are in the world today.

o fitness in the heart of the:

Welcome to the show, Eric Casaburi. Hi, Matt. Thank you for having me. Great to have you on the show.

I don't know if I did your that. Did I get your last name right? I don't think I did. It was close. Very close. Casaburi.

It was better than most. Okay, great. Well, it's great to have you on the show. You know, when I looked up your background, you've done a lot, you know, and a lot in the health, wellness, longevity, entrepreneurship, you've kind of done quite a bit. So why don't you just share with our audience a little bit about your background, some of the things that you've done. You've written a book and just what you're up to today and how you got into this.

I started back in the health and fitness industry as a teenager. I've worked at gyms most of my life. I really enjoyed exercising and working out as a young teenager. I wanted to have a membership at a gym. So my mother said, well, you know what, if you go and work there, the membership for free. It was a win-win.

I worked there, learned a lot about, as I say, urinal cakes and toilet bowl cleaning, and worked my way through that system as I enjoyed my free gym membership and eventually started personal training clients and working at the front desk and learning sales and all the processes. But all along the way, I was improving my health, my strength, something as an athlete that I thought was super important. But then I realized as I got older that it was really important for what we've talked about today, calling health span and lifespan and longevity. But then it was just really trying to keep myself and my body safe and healthy. I was always worried about having issues with my health and my mom had passed away when I was very young.

So that was one of those things that really made it even more important. So I had spent almost all of my career, my adult career, 100% of it in the health and wellness space. And I had gone to college for exercise science while I'm dropping out and pursuing my passion for entrepreneurship. But I had spent so much time on the human body. And I'm still enamored with it. I do it now as a hobby. I still go to seminars and study and listen to all these great podcasts that are out there. There's so much information now. It's infinite, if you will. But I love it. And it wound up leading to the next iteration of what we do today.

And that's serotonin. But prior to serotonin, I had a fitness center franchise. Because I was so interested in scaling the health and wellness space. And I wanted to touch more lives.

ly successful through the mid:

And that led me to the next frontier, which I was starting to bio hack myself. And I was one of those early adopters to bio hacking. I was going to the conferences and doing things like intermittent fasting and veto dies before they were cool and invoked.

e CEO for my fitness brand in:

And I started working immediately on the anti aging space. And I started going all the conferences getting more educated, learning about the softwares that would apply to that business, the technology that applied to that business. And spent the better part of two years during the whole COVID period, I worked harder than I've ever worked in my entire career. And it was to build what we now sit inside of a serotonin center, and giving all the services from hormone replacement therapy to aesthetics to medical weight loss and recovery services, to our chambers, we do all that stuff. But that whole model was built during the COVID period.

I just spent 18 hour days just killing my time and killing my days, just working this thing to get it to where I knew it was what our client and our customer would want. Well, while you've been in the space for a long time, there's a lot of ways we can go. I know biohacking is a big one and we're all looking for health, wellness and longevity.

And when you're younger, right, you were trying to, well, I don't know myself, I can say, I'm looking at stronger, faster, now as I get older, and I'm a dad, I'm like, ooh, you know, snowboarding the other day, and I'm a little bit like I'm still doing things I do, but I won't, I'm not as nuts as I used to be, I'm like a little bit more cautious, you know what I mean? Where I can, I don't really want to, you know, eat it, I'm kind of a little bit more in my safety zone. But I'm, but I'm still progressing. But I know that as you get older, if you haven't taken care of your health, like the number one thing is just going to the gym, right, you've covered those basics. And now you're looking at this human optimization, anti aging longevity side. And I'm curious, what are the some of the things that you offer and that you learned, like if someone out there is like you want the basics of anti aging or the basics of longevity, if you come across some principles and tools, because I would assume, you know, that you're not one of those people that says, Okay, go take this pill or do the process, it's going to be all done. It's like this all encompassing methodology that has tools that help. It certainly is a lifestyle. And I would tell you, you know, if someone said, Hey, what's the one hacker, the one thing you could do, it's interesting because it's free.

And you have to do it, no matter what, it's part of your life already. And that's sleep. Now sleeping properties, probably the number one anti aging thing you can do for yourself, it's all about recovery, it's all about regeneration, that's the time your body needs to manage it. I think one of the best pieces of technology that ever came out was the ORA ring that I'm wearing right now.

It's, it does one of the best jobs, I think at least the important things of sleep, you know, HRV, deep sleep, REM sleep, you know, it gives you the categories has a nice backdrop with UI when you work with the app. But for a lot of people that come to us, you know, when we look at that, we ask them about sleep, you know, people think, Oh, I go to bed at, you know, 11 and I wake up at seven, I'm getting eight hours. They're really not though, like they're going to bed 11, they're tossing and turning till midnight, finally fall asleep. And then when they fall asleep, they wake up to P at two or three, they've got a prostate issue or another issue on the line. And then they toss and turn a little more and they wake up at 6 30, get out of bed at seven. When you look at that data, it's probably like really a six or five and a half hours sleep time, which is not ideal and it's really broken pattern.

So it's things like that, that we talk a lot about we don't just talk about all the services we do, which of course are important. But we also talk about lifestyle with our clients, we talk about, you know, are you exercising? You know, how does your sleep work? When do you stop turning off, you know, at your devices? What time is your last meal? All of these things have to do with getting ready for sleeping and preparing for rest and recovery. And we teach them about understanding about staying hydrated during your waking hours and how to manage that and how to manage your feeding times.

And there's so many important little steps you can take that really are just habits, things you're going to do anyway, but you just have, you know, maybe not be doing the right sequence, or maybe you just have too much or something and not enough. But other, so I even looking at your blog, or doing any of that other great stuff that we do, if you just start working on those types of things, right, like, they don't cost you anything, but you can manage them. And that's what's really important. Most people don't manage their daily lifestyle, and they should. Yeah, that's a really key component, because it's very simple.

But we don't often take a self assessment, right, like hydration, for example, you know, I know this, for example, but I don't. I don't do it often. Like I think my hydration, I just go through a day often where I'm just like holy smokes. Like I did not drink enough water again.

And number one is knowing the questions to ask, right? And then having a view and look, I was like, oh, you know what? It's my sleep and my diet. Now I can go ahead and make some changes which are gonna affect my blood work, my mental health, my mindset, my energy and all these other things. And then I can kind of tweak and have a model.

So when we think about that model, when you do an assessment, what are the some of the things you covered? You just shared there, but maybe you can kind of, if someone wants to do a self-assessment right now, what are some of the things they look at? Well, one of the really important things we do, and we tell everyone to really do this, is getting your annual blood work, but also understanding what should be on those panels. So, you know, a full panel from us, that's your hormones, it has your A1C, fastest glucose, you know, so understanding like a self-assessment really is a little more scientific, right? So you can look at your behavioral patterns, which is one portion of that self-assessment, like what am I doing on my daily reg? But you also need to know like, what's happening in my body at this point in time while I'm doing this? And then you, you know, we will do blood work for some clients every 90 days, you know, the people that are really serious about it, at minimum it should be once a year, once you really get your pattern down and you know what your body's doing. But up until you get to that point, sometimes you might do blood work three to four times a year during year one, it maybe goes to two times a year, two, and then maybe you're out of annual. You know, once you're really dialed in tight. And then you start assessing your habits, your patterns and just a little hack to what you talked about. They have some really awesome water jugs, you could probably get a lot of Abason and you fill it up once a day and you know, and you know what I drank today. And that's, I literally have mine, like it's, I take it everywhere. My wife says, you got to stop carrying that thing like in the supermarket at this point.

But I take it all over the place because I'm fanatical about it because I do understand how the benefit of staying properly hydrated, how dehydrated most of us are. And how it affects so many other things that we do. Our performance, our thinking, you know, are just lots of important things. And then you look at, hey, how do I end my day? How am I closing my day? So when you look at like what you do in a 24 hour period, right? Things that have to happen, you know, eat, sleep, work, you know, play, exercise, family. And you start to kind of put it on to a, an assemblance of a lifestyle calendar for your health. You start making decisions a little bit differently when you look at it through the lens of health and health span. And you'll start making decisions a little bit differently. Maybe you're taking some vitamin supplements in there. Maybe you're doing some nutrition balancing, macro nutrient balancing.

So, you know, there's all kinds of wonderful things that we teach people about. And then you get to the other stuff that you might need, like whether it's, is it a certain prescription they may need for some assistance on weight control? Or is it a hormone replacement therapy plan and protocol that we'll put together for them? All of these things are really important. Or is it just, hey, I have a really high cortisol and I got a ton of information happening, like though they just need to be in a red light bed, you know, three, four days a week for a month just to get that under control.

Well, I love that. And I like the idea of the, the nighttime, you didn't use the word ritual, but that's kind of what I'm thinking of, like a routine or a ritual, you know, it's, it's so important. You know, we talked about the red light off in, right? Watching TV before you go to bed, all these different things. Also, when I was teaching a lot of athletes, what I, and even actually when I moved into more life coaching stuff, it would be like the visualization of a day review. So you can kind of look at your whole day, then you kind of see what kind of patterns you're running mentally, right? So you might be in high stress a lot. You might be, you know, high temper, but also at the same time, then you can imprint what you want.

Like what are you trying to visualize? What are you trying to create? So for an athlete, it's very simple. We're looking at performance. So we're looking at training and things like that. But when you go from the entrepreneurship perspective, you might be building a business. You might be building a lifestyle for your family.

And what that does is kind of before you go to bed, it's setting the unconscious mind to work and you're focusing your intent while getting good sleep and high energy. So now you're a little bit more intentional with your day. Yeah, and that's one of the things I tell people, it's a great coaching tool is to be intentional with you. That's a great way to say that, Matt.

Most people aren't up to day runs them, they don't run the day. And that's, you know, I think a great solution to that is just a planner. I still, I still have my zigzag group performance planner, I use it every day.

It's one of those things where I settled out in the night before, review it the morning of, and then throughout the day, I just check all things we're doing and try to stay as close as I can. Little fires are gonna pop up, you gotta deal with it, that's life, especially if you're in business or you got a job. But you've got to stick to the plan though.

Yeah, and we're touching this a little bit. When we look at biohacking and technologies, it can be very exciting. You know, the infrared saunas, and I think you said you have a chamber, coal baths, you've got deprivation tank, all these things are exciting. And I love using them all and I'm excited about them.

Often people will say, you know, this is like the best thing, it's like the shrine. What I've come to realize is that if you've never done anything like meditation or tried any of these, and then you go into like a deprivation tank or you try the Wim Hof, it's gonna be game changing for you because you have never experienced any of these things. Now when you use them as tools and you become more familiar with this kind of training and technologies, they're all useful, they're all excellent tools. And when you started researching this stuff, have you found some tools that are a little bit more effective in getting the results that you want? Yeah, you know every time I turn over a rock there's 900 little rocks on the need that rock right so yeah so when we got into hyperbaric therapy and we were researching like you were the best you know medical practitioners in there and we came across an incredible doctor Dr. Cher you know he actually you know we talked through protocols for hyperbaric surgery he introduced me to methylene blue and I had never even heard of methylene blue at the time and I was like what the heck is that and you see it online you can like I think there's like a hashtag like Smirkton right and it's methylene blue they make a really super pure form of this we actually sell it at our retail area here at our stores now and you put it in there and it's an incredible mitochondrial hack like it's really good and they make it just a straight up called I think it's called just true blue just a regular blue plain methylene blue and then there's one that has a very real purified version of nicotine a little bit of caffeine in it which really lights your brain up incredibly and there's one that like kind of calms you down so you like three different types but you know I have found so many new things along the way but as I was exploring some of the other things I'm like wow like I didn't even understand you know how to hack mitochondria at that deep level and I learned more about cold plunging like listen cold ice baths have been around since I've been in high school right I mean every time you got an injury you went to an ice bath but now it's a really interesting bio hack for people that are trying to do other things it you know helps with brown fat it helps with um neural cognitive stuff recovery I mean this it was just purely inflammation back in the day like just and it was really isolated inflammation like put your knee in this ice bath it wasn't like submerged your whole body and so it's it's everything is evolving it's still evolving I mean it seems like you know I'm always excited about the next and it's coming out because technology is speeding up information so we're finding and we're getting into a place at this we're just at the beginning of this beautiful arcing wave that's happening. Well that's fascinating because I've never heard of methylene blue and I love hearing about these new whether they're supplements or technologies they're all exciting and kind of pushing you in a direction of health and wellness and then I find some people like myself anyway can be a little bit overwhelmed I remember at one point in my life I was trying to do the morning routine and my morning routine took me two hours you know and I did this for quite a while I just got ridiculous I'm rejournaling and doing affirmations and doing an hour and I was like holy smokes I'm gonna have to narrow this down and then when it comes to supplements often from the podcast or people that I have I'll take these different supplements that I believe work and they're good um but I've never been able to master like the supplements or the extras in a way where I'm taking it daily and I'm fully optimized and I'm really focused for you in exploring these different facets I'm curious what would you recommend to people for like your top whether it's like supplements or training or like hacks you know what I mean like some people like the sauna or the infrared is starting to become really big now some people are really big into certain diets and I'm just curious from all the things that you've studied and seen what are some of the ones that you tend to recommend. So I'll go one category at a time so I'm a supplement on Keith right so we have an incredible we have serotonin de jesuropos right so we we simplify it by making these little packets for people and we base it on their blood work and stuff so to your point like they don't understand what they don't understand so they say oh my god I'm taking this up but I don't know if I'm optimized well we know through your blood work because we know what you're deficient and we know what you need to be better in and we know what supports hormones we know what supports weight loss so we make a packet based on your goal um so if you're a hormone client you're going to get K2D3 you're going to get a high dose of that you're going to get DHEA in there right it's going to support testosterone you're going to get a methylization nutrient there which is going to help optimizing the transportation of of hormone so we do think it's very specific in supplements for supplement goals and I'm I probably take 25 to 30 pills a day of all various types of supplements and David Asprey is another one he's got I think he takes more than I do I've seen his he has a great post about it but I'm a big fan of supplementation because we just cannot properly get the as much as I wish we could we just can't get the nutrition we need from the foods we eat anymore because the soil or cultivating on has been rape robin pillage for you know an enormous amount of time and we have really over engineered how we process our food so it's problematic and really hard to get the nutrients we used to be able to get just 15 20 years ago let alone you know 50 years ago um so for my routine wise I have an interesting morning routine also like you know I do believe you got to rise a little bit earlier than most to get it done but it does include I'm a fan of dry sawn in that infrared and nothing infrared's bad I friends ask me this all the time I put the sawn in my house what should I put in and I tell them they're all great sawn is awesome just do it but all of the studies that were done by Dr. Volongo and Finland were mostly done in dry sauna so if you look at the all cause mortality studies that Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks about and Dr.

Volongo writes about all of those and that's the largest cohort by the way of people that were followed um and tested this this is uh based on it was done in dry sauna so dry sauna is hot rocks you know maybe you have a ladle in there you know wood sauna old school I used to put those in my gyms years and years ago when we first started we don't do it anymore now we actually it's coming back so it's interesting we probably should have kept them but I have one in my house and I use it every single day so I use it five to six times a week it's a non-negotiable um heat shock proteins are super important uh in fact uh Hubbard just did a great post about it uh he did have it on his podcast about why what happens how what it sauna does when you get to that very uncomfortable place to chemical your brain releases that causes it to have the heat shock protein release which of course has some amazing benefits that are tied to all of these these things you read about in these articles I cold plunge after that. And that's all done after I work out, by the way, which is done fast. So backing up, I do a 16-8 fast. I train fasted now.

Very easy to get used to. First time socks, second time socks even more. About a fourth to fifth training session, you can do it. I sauna after that. So I go right into ketosis. When I come out of the sauna, like I'm pissing acetone, like literally, like it smells like nail polish and moving the toilet ball. Like, that's how you know, you're in ketosis.

I bounce in and out. I'll stand all day. And then I cold plunge. And then after I've done cold plunging, I do, usually in the sauna, I'll do some meditative prayer, like I'll do a rosary or I'm an old school Catholic, right? So that's my stick. But I'll do my meditative, I'll do my breathing. I get that in.

I'll do some grounding also. So I'll go side by the patch of grass and I'll stand on it for a period of time while I do some breath work. And then I start my real day. Then I go into my coffee and I bust my fast. What's similar to a bulletproof coffee? I go, what a David Asprey type, you know, he kind of put it on the map, right? But it's more of a keto protein coffee.

For me, it's got, you know, NTT oils in there. I put all my mushroom ellectrism that I put my collagen protein. My coffee is just the, it's a concoction, if you will. It's the end all.

I mean, it wanted to be a 32 ounce drink. I mean, this is the size of the mug. And if you could see this, it winds up being in this. And this is, and then there's like half a blender still left.

So, and I drink it over the course of like the first hour, I don't just chug that down. I let my body, you know, because you're suppressing your end tour so much. And I use slamming all this protein and amino acids, which is great. You get that, that, you know, that amazing benefit from that.

So again, just hacking away at all the over the years and years and years of stuff. My routine developed over years of doing this stuff. But at 49 years old, I can now train most 20 year olds, my son's 20, and I work out with him and his friends, whatever they want.

And I bury him every time intentionally. But I do that, but that's part of my goal. Right.

That's why I love that about what I did to my body. Like I got it to a place where it's really doing better. And when I get that information, I manage it with red light therapy. So I do red light therapy three days a week. So I can train the way I train and do what I just told you I do. Because when I train, when I say about that training session, it is intense. I lift heavy stuff.

And I train at a very high heart rate. I wear a heart monitor through all of it. So instantly I wear a glucose monitor and a heart rate monitor in the sauna. Like I track everything. So I was a data fanatic about this. And it was wild.

But what happened on all of the metrics, just sitting in the sauna, one of the reasons why I believe it's so effective, it all caused mortality, reducing cardiovascular disease is because my heart rate will spike as if I'm running, like running outdoors in the heat, it'll, it'll pop up and it'll stay sustained. But I'm not putting any information additional on my body. I'm sitting still. So it's amazing.

My heart's racing like I'm running. I'm perspiring. I'm releasing heat shock proteins. And I'm adding no information to my joints. So that's a really cool thing.

So people say, Oh, how do I get in shape? If I can't work out, I have an injury. Go sit in the sauna. Your heart rate will race. You'll get, you'll get all kinds of toxins out of your, out of your body by perspiring properly. And build yourself to the temperature that you can handle and those are stuff that you can do it.

But that's my protocol. That works for me. Everyone's is a little bit different. Mine is an extreme version of a lot of biohackers.

Well, I appreciate you sharing that. There's a lot of gems in there. I like the, you know, I learned about the collagen and the coffee. So did that for a bit.

And then there's all kinds of mushroom elixirs out there, right? So if you could just pick, you know, a couple, right? And just in, in work on the understanding and see what you can implement. I think that's a big one. I like your morning routine. I think a lot of people who are very successful have some sort of morning routine. And whatever your spiritual base, it's like, you know, it's your intention and a connection with a higher power, whatever that is to you. I feel like that's very helpful. You know, I've listened to the philosophies of certain, let's say, atheists or different viewpoints. And I find them to be very uninspiring is only a nice way to put it, you know, it's like, I feel like if we have this higher purpose, we're going to be more motivated and more connected and more intentional. And it feels, it feels like a much more powerful frame of mind to go through.

And so, you know, when you went through the recession, you're also, you know, as you say, a serial entrepreneur, you're very successful. I imagine you're fairly productive for doing all the things you've done for someone who is like, they're in their life right now, and they are learning like maybe they're struggling with money, maybe they want to move a little bit more to their purpose, maybe they failed before, you know, what kind of suggestions do you have for people who are just trying to like make their mark or at least to have a lifestyle and a living where they can begin to pursue the entrepreneurial road. Because I think that the world would benefit from more entrepreneurs, because we're going into fields that we're interested in when we know ourselves. And that almost always is beneficial to other people, you know, more gyms doesn't mean more unhealthy people, it means more opportunity for people to take care of their health. And then there's the mindset and all the other things, you can kind of grow up that ladder. But if you have terrible health, you know, you can't go to that next level, that's the first thing you need to fix to get to the next one.

So I'd be curious if you can share some tips on that. So I've coached a lot of young entrepreneurs and I still I just did a we did a fantastic thing where we bring a bunch of young people together and we kind of set them on a path and we give them different types of speakers was really cool to be part of that. And I'll give you some of the share with your listeners some of the advice that you know I shared with those folks.

You always want to do something that you really care and you're really passionate about because that will drive you and I wrote that in my book just make money. And the book is an entrepreneurial dream. And it's kind of a, you know, the just make money is really just a tag statement, it's an attention getter. The driver of the whole book is really about the entrepreneurial spirit. And that really comes down to finding something that you're super passionate about, because that will drive you to continue to innovate and get up and run to the to the business or the task at hand. And it's going to take a certain amount of drive.

Behind all that takes a certain type of person. There's no great business without great, great people, right? And especially leadership. And leaders have to do things that are really hard. And if there is no easy road, there is no easy road to success. I wouldn't sit here and tell you that I'm a 25 year overnight success. There's just how it is.

And the nice cars and nice houses and all the wonderful things that come along with it are just a representation of the hard work and effort that went into that discipline. and a discipline that was required for that success. And Jocko Wilnick says this great in his book, discipline equals freedom, right? It's true.

You have to do certain things that make you uncomfortable in order to be successful. The entitlement speech doesn't work. It doesn't work in business. There's no elevator to the top.

All those cliches have a lot of truths in them. So I tell people that the patience is your, and Gary Vaynerchuk talks about that too, right? You have to be patient and you hear him all the time preaching that. And there is a lot of truth to why Gary says that.

The fact is that if you love something enough, it doesn't feel painful to do that though, because you're going through it. My journey was incredible. My journey through fitness industry for 20 years, I couldn't believe it was 20 years. It feels like it was 20 minutes. I loved every minute of it.

I was sleeping in tanning beds in my first jam. I was working 24-hour days, right? We opened the gym at five. We closed the gym at midnight and we opened again at five. Like it was like, and when you're starting a business, you just do that. You do those shifts, every shift.

But you do it because you're passionate about it and it's something you can take care of and you're growing and exciting. So when you're listening and you wanna find your way and your path, I'd say always start with where your heart leads you. Your head might lead you to money or something else, but your heart will lead you to what you want to do. And you gotta pay attention for that. And then the money will always come, like that part always comes. Well, I love that and totally agree.

I feel like, I'm actually coaching a young person right now in his teenage years and it's fun because I'm like, oh man, I wish I knew all this stuff when I was a teenager. We'll have to talk after what your training maxes are because I've been trying to get as strong as I can. So the last couple of years, I just wanna be strong, crazy, crazy strong because I haven't been able to snowboard as much, but now that I've been snowboarding, it's funny because I'm about 25 pounds heavier than I was last time and I'm a little bit stiffer but it's starting to come back. I'm like a barrel of beef going down the mountain. And I have like the biggest pants ever. Like I'm in like double XL pants now because my butt is so big from squats.

It's just a little bit ludicrous. It is like a punch ball, but like it's that goal, I think is important, right? So I've got the fitness goal, but then there's the idea in coaching this young person where it's like, he wants to know what he wants to do with his life. And I said, like, if you follow money first, and this says this in almost all spiritual books, you can't pursue God and mammon or money or materialism and a lot of the good spiritual texts will talk about this pursuit of spiritual growth. And the idea that if you, and also, yeah, the idea that, you know, if you're passionate about it, like you said, the effort won't be as painful. Like, yes, it is painful.

There is no easy route, but it's your perspective around the pain or the effort thing, right? You can just say, you know, I'm doing a lot of effort, but I love putting these hours in because I'm so interested and fascinated and curious about this and I can see how this benefits other people. So it's much more important than thinking about and how most people do it is, how can I make the most amount of money with like the least amount of work with something I don't hate, right? So we start to skew away, right? And we go to this very mental, very material, but you're gonna, I feel you're gonna be a lot more fulfilled if you start to pursue and lead with your heart over your head. And it doesn't mean you have to shuck responsibility. It just means that your gaze is a little different.

I'd love for you to speak on that and maybe some failure or just kind of comment on what I said. Yeah, you're talking our language here, right? I mean, the entrepreneurial spirit is built around pull up your bootstraps and keep moving forward, right? I mean, you're gonna get knocked down and you're gonna have those days. And I tell everyone I talk to that ask me these types of questions that it's not all roses in the garden, it's just not the case. You can't affirmation your way out of that. Like you can try, but you're not happy.

So you've got to kind of weed every so often. You got to get any of the weeds out, right? I'm a big fan of Tony Robb. It's really part of my career. And I learned a lot at his business mastery and his unleash the power. I've done a bunch of his stuff.

And it was those nuggets of how to stay optimistic, get realistic, but these guys still do these certain tasks. And I think the cultural shifts have changed. Some of it, I think, some of the technologies change. Some of it also, I think the expectation of wanting everything now and instant gratification has become a problem to the process. And I'm not saying that the process is time. This is just can't change that.

And you've got to do, I would say, if I had not had the fortunate time to put in and learn all of the small details of operating a gym, for instance, of what it takes to make sure that the equipment was clean or the upholstery was properly sown or you name it, how to grease a rod on a rail of a machine. All of that stuff, because you learn about it, like, oh man, that's so important because that's an experience my client's gonna have. And if it's not perfect, they're gonna think it's, they're gonna go onto my competitor or they're gonna leave. So getting really granular in a business is important, especially in the early years. Later, you can go up to 30,000 feet, but you got to be granular in the beginning.

And that takes time and that takes a lot of effort and that is not fun for some people. If you love what you do, it becomes manageable and tolerable and maybe some people might call it fun, but there's just some things that are not gonna be, you're gonna look back and be like, wow, I can't believe I did that. And you'll be proud of yourself for doing it.

of that. Yeah, I absolutely agree. And I feel like there's so much benefit to knowing every detail.

I have one friend of mine who's incredibly successful. And by he would he would work like in like film production and editing and all these different things he could do the top of the level and he would have no problems doing the very basic thing. Every time I saw him work, he was the hardest worker in the room, probably the most knowledgeable could do any skill. And when he didn't know something, he went to figure it out. So then he became highly, highly valuable.

And your attitude, you know, around these things, maybe, you know, you're probably just a little bit older than I am. But I think your generation and your father's generation was a lot harder working than even what was instilled in my generation and the one before, right. And so that mindset and that perspective around hard work or even effort, you know, and especially effort towards something that you're passionate about is so important. And it's a necessary part of the process because we're being conditioned for this quick gratification where, okay, I'll, you know what, Eric, I'll go do my my passion.

But when will I get paid? And how easy will this be? And that mindset, you will definitely fail. It has to be something that you care about, that you're willing to work towards that you're willing to fail. And I'd love for you to just speak a little bit on just failure, you know, as an entrepreneurship, we all fail like, what's the mindset that you need around just longevity and life and entrepreneurship? I tell people what you're going to hear often that, you know, failure is truly a learning experience. So I've always looked back on my career, and I don't necessarily look at them as failures because I was an optimist, right. So I would look at them as not just learning lessons, you know, you see those memes on Instagram and everywhere else on Twitter.

But for me, it was more of just, oh, you got punched in the face, okay. So you got punched in the face, like, you're going to go are you going to lay on the mat or are you going to get up when you're going to keep fighting. So I always looked at belly blows as an opportunity, it would actually motivate me, which is kind of a little bit twisted for some people because I would look at getting knocked down or or something that I made a mistake on as motivation, like, you know what, that happened that will not happen again.

And here's why because here's what I learned and here's what I did wrong. Now let me go do it the right way. And then you create a discipline out of that and you make less mistakes and you have less failures because you're ultra disciplined. So I always tell people when you do stupid shit, you make those mistakes and you get knocked down, you need to get more discipline in your behavior, in your actions, in your thought process, and your patterns, because it will create a shorter path to success, the shortest path is success is a high level of discipline. So but that takes a lot of work for some people, right, until it becomes second nature for you.

So anytime I've gotten into a place where I have gotten knocked down to the mat or body blows, I've never, like, I don't look back on any part of my career and I've had ups and downs like everyone else, but I don't look down at any portion like man, that kind of really sucked because it really did. It might have sucked for a minute, but if you don't have a quick recovery time, you're doomed, you're doomed and everything. If you feel like God forbid tells you you got some kind of life threatening illness or something, you can't just wallow in that, you can think about it for a moment, but then you better get on to the conclusion and get on to the success plan. And if you don't, you're only wasting time in that place emotionally.

And I do that with my businesses also, like I don't get the wind, maybe they make the great sale, okay, next, next, next, like you got to have the next up mentality in your head, and that's for any great athlete, that's for any great business person, that's for any great successful marriage with children, you got to be able to move to the next thing, you got to be able to say, no, we're going to get the lesson, we're going to go on and we're going to get better. And that happens in business, you got to hope that that will continue through your career, so you have more success over time and you get more wins and losses, and that's how the game is played. I love all that and I really love your sentence.

The shortest path to success is a high level of discipline. It's so true. It's so simple.

You know, it's not complicated, but and I think that first thing that you we need to go back to is the heart, right? Where's the heart leading that will lead to the discipline. And then that'll also give you the internal motivation that is necessary to overcome the obstacles as they arise because they certainly will. There's no path to success that doesn't have failure that has obstacles that has challenges. And so the more that you love it, the more that you have that inner fire, the more that it's going to get you to that next level, get you past this little hurdle. But if you don't care about it at all, the first thing you're going to be off or you're like, you know what, I'm done with that. I don't care about this at all.

And your perspective is so key around having a quick recovery plan. Because I remember my first boxing coach, we would do these series of exercises. And we would just always say fast transitions, fast transitions. So as I have him in my mind, as you say that, and it's so important. And if you look at Steven Kotler's work, he says the same thing too, he's like, you know, the higher level you get into mastery and flow state, it's a well executed to do list with very little transition time into the next task. And it's like, it's funny because it's simple, but it's also very true. So it starts with that high level vision, and then engaging in a powerful way.

You know, I'd love to talk to you about a lot of different subjects that know that you have to run. But is there anything that you wish that we had talked about, or that you want to leave the listeners with? I know that, you know, we'll send people to your website, and then you're doing great things with the serotonin centers. You know, the blood, I don't know even know if we have that ability in Canada, but it'd be so useful just to know where you are with everything, right? You know, where you're having someone is like, all right, what's going on with your diet, you're missing this. And because not only is it health optimization, but the better your body's functioning, the more clear minded you are. So if you have brain fog, all these different types of things, the ability to focus what you're putting in your body, getting the right nutrients, you know, your water, for example, all your drinking city tap water, that's got all kinds of crap in it. Here is a simple, because each of these subjects are so deep, right? You've looked at the water is like, what's the best water filter? What's the best sauna? So to have a guide that can at least get you the upgrade from absolutely terrible to pretty good will change your life, your wellness, your mindset. And then once you have that clear mindset, it does allow you more freedom, you're going to feel better, you're going to be more positive and you're going to be, you know, if you go into the esoteric kind of like energetic field, you know, when somebody is having a really bad day, you can feel it, you know, when they're walking through the grocery store, right? Or you can be this really positive person and you just kind of want to go near that person in the aisle because, you know, they're smiling and they're happy. And that's why I like living in mountain towns too, because every time someone comes off the mountain, they're smiling ear to ear, you know, and it's a very infectious energy.

Yeah, I bet. I bet. I mean, I do my best to be very programmed and a lot of the stuff that I do personally.

And we covered a lot of great stuff here. We could talk for hours on probably any one individual nugget. For us, it's, you know, it's serotonin, you know, we're improving health span, that's our goal, right? We just want to take people to the next level. We've been, you know, I've been around the fitness industry for many, many years.

And I saw the frustrations of people that couldn't get to the next level because they were aging and they were aging and their hormones were reducing at a much younger age. They were having hormone drop off. It's 1 to 2% a year for the average male and female.

And then hit this wall and they're like, Oh my God, what's wrong with me? I've got brain fog. I'm in my libido shot. I'm changing. I can't I'm getting fatter. I'm working out still, but I'm not putting on muscle.

Well, you're fighting a nuclear war with a rock in your hand. You can't win that battle. If you have, you know, if you're testosterone is that of what your grandfather's is because you just have low T because whatever the environmental conditions are created for you, you, you can only try to hack at that until you actually have to do something therapeutic to fix it.

And you can fix it. The great news is that there are fixes. They're wonderful fixes, just lots of options. And we, we talk about those with our clients, we give them those options and those opportunities. And that's what we do. We're trying to maximize that health span, making that last 10 years of your life as good as the middle 10 years of your life.

Amazing. Well, that's a beautiful mission. I appreciate all the work that you've done. You put out a lot of great content and you've done a lot in your life so far. So thanks for this intention.

Where if people want to learn more about you and your work in these centers, working they go. So if they want to hear more about serotonin centers, it's and serotonin centers website. They've got all kinds of information about every service that we do.

And then they can find me at Eric Casper on Instagram. That's where I put my stories, my posts, my daily bio hacks, I'll throw on some of my stuff that I'm doing. If I'm, you know, having a certain type of workout, I'll put it up there. So it's, it's a, my followers are mostly fitness and entrepreneur.

Amazing. Well, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you having on the, coming on the show and we'll see you next time. Thanks, Matt. Thanks everyone for watching. Peace.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the absolutely sensational Eric Casper. I hope that you enjoyed that show and then you were able to take home some helpful tools, insights and perspectives on longevity, entrepreneurship and mindset. If you like the show, please consider sharing it, leaving a review or even becoming a member at And if you want to message me personally, just go to Matt at I'd love to hear from you if you want to work with me personally. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, that is the place to do it. And also join the email list because it's the best way to stay in touch with me and all the projects I have going on, working on a little bit of a merch store where we can get some cool t-shirts, mugs and stickers, some mastermind body and spirit swag. I hope that you'll like that.

We're working on some designs right now. Also working on a retreat, a first ever retreat in Peru, which will be amazing. I got reached out with somebody who works with some indigenous people doing some great tours. I've always wanted to go to Peru. I love navigating the ancient sites, hearing from the indigenous leaders from the community. And that is what I'm working on. So we've been working on ourselves with some retreat and some alone time and some personal reflection to really stand in our power to know ourselves, to grow, to possibly heal, to create, to find clarity and vision and heart and connection with God and spirit and our own divine being, as well as being in a very powerful place learning from indigenous elders as well. So if you're interested in that, hit me up madat. The planning is in the work. So to stay up up to date with all the things going on,, email list, and that's it.

So thank you guys so much for listening. I sincerely appreciate you. And let's close this out by coming into a state of peace and coherence, wherever you are in the world to stop what you're doing. Take in a deep breath in through your nose. Hold that breath and let it out slowly, filling every cell, muscle, and fiber of your being with joy, peace, contentment, courage, faith, power, and get ready to enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you so much for listening and I'll see you in the next episode.