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Empowering Individuals to become a Collective Powerhouse – with Anna Hamzah
Episode 418th February 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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I'm really excited to be joined by Anna Hamzah, VP of Product at Venture Harbour. She is so energetic and completely committed to creating the right experience for employees. The results are evident as the company continues to go from strength to strength.

Venture Harbour really does things well which was why in 2021 I invited them to provide a case study, as part of my role on the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Steering Group for mental health. Their story, along with other great examples from across the Thames Valley, created the resource ‘Building a Positive Mental Wellbeing Culture’, that went live in December.

In our conversation we covered a lot of ground and there are some useful references below to expand on some of these ideas, including:

  • What we really mean by the term ‘employee experience’
  • The challenge of misconceptions about tech people
  • The challenge of rapid change
  • Demonstrating impact
  • Gender differences
  • Training and development
  • Empowerment
  • Closing the loop
  • The necessity for calm time
  • The key ingredients that make a difference

More about Anna:

Anna is the VP of Product at Venture Harbour, a venture studio based in the UK. She has over 15 years of experience leading teams and developing technology in companies ranging from ground-up start ups to giant multinational corporations; launching and growing products on the cutting edge of marketing, advertising, research and creative technology. She is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the technology space; mentoring others on their path to success in a traditionally un-diverse space. When not obsessing about customer and team experience, she is also an accomplished fiction writer and couture seamstress.


Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group:

Closing the loop: From workshop to action: From Workshop to Application - It's Time for Change (

Retrospective Process: Project Retrospectives: Looking Back to Look Ahead | by Karl Wiegers | The Startup | Medium & How to Run an Agile Retrospective Meeting with Examples (

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