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How to Heal Yourself to Change Your Life: The Missing Link with Dr. Brandy Gillmore, Celebrity Rapid Transformation Coach
Episode 679th November 2021 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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We have all heard about the mind's ability to heal your body, think placebo effect, but did you know it can also create spontaneous remission? Or even in Dr. Gillmore's case, heal her wheel chair bound body into one of injury free physical excellence. All with the power of focussed healing in your mind. From studies at Harvard to Brandy's world acclaimed Ted talk, this is a story you will want to hear.

In this inspiring episode, Dr. Gillmore shares how she healed herself and now helps people from around the world achieve their own healing results. From celebrities and professional athletes to targeted courses and one on one coaching. Brandy shares some examples of our body's physical responses to the way we are feeling and offers helpful tips you can start implementing today to improve your life.

We also discuss:

  • Feelings with Benefits
  • Turning Chronic Pain into Chronic Gain
  • Rewiring your brain default to thinking of the good stuff
  • Her Ted Talk and Personal Healing Journey
  • Brandy's Podcast "Heal Yourself, Change Your Life"

Favorite Show Quote:

"What we do with our mind can change our entire life."

Weekly Mantra:

"I am a great person and I deserve a great life."

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~ namaste

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