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Human Design Gate 18 Correction: Empaths Healing Guide for the Aries’ Full Moon in Libra Season
Episode 1128th September 2023 • Empath And the Narcissist: Spiritual Healing with Human Design from Narcissistic Abuse & PTSD • Raven Scott
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What are you beating yourself up about?
How can you create medicine out of poison in the aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse?

We are approaching an astrologically significant event that holds the potential to deeply impact our emotional and spiritual well-being — the Full Moon in Aries, while the Sun harmoniously aligns on the opposite side in Libra.

Today I dive into a multi segment long exploration of Gate 18, 17, and the Full Moon in Aries to:

  • A few ways to harness this Full Moon energy for your Soul’s journey:
  • Human Design chart for the Full Moon
  • Gate 18 Correction in Spleen Center
  • Gate 17 Opinions in Ajna Center
  • The best tarot card for this wisdom for the theme of shifting out of judgement 
  • Incarnation Cross of Service
  • Famous Human Case Study

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Full Moon in Aries Gate 18 GAte 17



Is there something in your self identity in your behaviors or maybe your past mistakes? That you were judging over and over again.

This season in Libra and the full moon in Aries. We're talking today about the gate of correction. And about the I Ching and how this is working on something spoiled. Not judging that it's spoiled, but actually finding the integrity to work through,

to create medicine out of poison, which is healing and the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. So tune in today, we're diving deep into gate 18 as it is. Such a major theme for this full moon in Aries Which follows the autumn Equinox. ​

welcome to the Empath Rising podcast, where we are healing from narcissistic abuse, with human design, taro, and astrology.

I'm your host, Raven, Scott.

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th. This is a:

Full moons are generally associated with heightened emotions and Aries is a passionate and fiery sign. So everyone's going to be feeling really fired up. So just everyone take a breather. As I will be reminding my household with loads of fire and our house. We've got Leo, we've got Sagittarius. And then we've got this area's. Coming in. Thank goodness. My husband has. Mostly earth in his chart. The earth and a water. He, he puts out all of our fires. So same thing in your household, same thing in your life. Just continue to breathe and take it easy and don't get fiery at each other. And as you'll learn in this episode with the human design gates in the spleen and Oschner. Nah, that we're going to be talking about eight, 18, and 17. These emotions may be grounded in judgment. The opposite side. You know, if you are really tuning into yourself, then you'll be feeling through your intuition. But if we're operating out of the unconscious ego and there's fire involved, there's gonna be fire due to judgment. Judging what other people do say how they act towards you. Or even opinions and thoughts. So at a first glance, these two seem to be clashing. The Aries and the Libra with each other, but air does fuel fire. So Libra is going to be fueling this Aries for us. But when we dive further into this. And you, hopefully I will be able to share with you. In the enlightened state that these actually are harmonious and complimentary. It's combination can lead to intense feelings and strong desire to address. Emotional matters head on, which I know is really hard for us as we're healing from narcissistic abuse, from toxic relationships chest. From life in general, feeling like we are the victim. So emotions, you know, this, this time is going to give you the power, not to feel so victimized. And emotions may come to the surface more prominently during this time as the moon swells that happens every full moon. And this is why we do our journal and burn ritual. And. This is just an important time to harness the swelling of the emotions. Almost capture them in a bottle, which is the paper. And then transmute them to the universe. Before we dive into these human design. Gates and a chart that I pulled for the full moon. Do you have your human design chart? Do you know what gates you have to find? And is it in front of you? I would advise you have in front of you so you can take notes if you want to study or just listen and tune into what feels right for you. If you don't have your human design chart, grab it for homepage. Scroll down a bit. It's like the mid mid-level of the page.

It's important to remember that astrology is a belief. I'll give you this preface and caveat. Not a science, although it is ancient. So, and I know sciences. New and the toxic patriarch is like, well, the definition of science is new and, but astrology, I really is. A forum of observation and science to me is observation. So there's my caveat where my. I don't agree with this statement. The ant is mine. That's my Uranus and Sagittarius. The interpretations and significance of astrological events, like the full moon in Aries, every all, every one of us is going to interpret it a little bit differently. Because we are looking at it through the lens of our own experiences and our own eyes. So take what I say. You know, with a grain of salt. Kind of digest it and see how it interprets in your experiences through your lens. And on top of that healing from narcissistic abuse is complex and individualized process. And it is always recommended that the approach is to your healing is through professional therapy. This is not a substitute for therapy. This is just a spiritual viewpoint onto how we can help ourselves heal outside of all the other. Support networks and therapies and things like that. And, you know, you can always grab therapy if you're not sure of one near you. At better forward slash and path.

But I have. I found these modalities, the full moon and the astrology in the human designed to be so helpful to me. And this is why I'm sharing it with you.

So here are a few ways to harness this full moon energy for your soul's journey.

The whole point of self care is to know that you are worth your boundaries. And that I talked about and last, the last episode. Regarding staying with a narcissist and doing yourself care. So the full moon ritual is the number one thing I'm going to recommend you to. The day of the full moon. All the way waxing to 24 to 20 to 48 hours after the full moon. Day. So we have all the way till October 30th. To do our ritual actually. October 1st, sorry. September 30th, October 1st. To perform this full moon ritual. It really helps capture these emotions, swelling, and releasing them and transmuting them to the universe. And all these things that you're capturing. I don't serve you anymore. It's your victim mentality? It's your archetype of. Of I am not good. I am not perfect, which we'll go into. A little bit later in this episode. This energy is really going to come up about judgment and perfectionism. And so what is the serving you, maybe that's your journal prompt if you're not sure, and you're not sure what you're feeling. You're not feeling perfect. I know just before I hit record on this. I was like, I don't want to get dolled up. I don't want to put makeup on. I'm just feeling like. Imperfect I'm feeling like I'm not deserving to be able to turn on the camera and record this. Turn on the microphone and record this. I just want to hermit away my line to. But. That is something that is in my ego construct that is not serving me or you to hold on to. So releasing all of things like that, that were associating with. Out to the universe and what it does. And it actually erases that pattern that keeps going over and over in your head. And it it's gone. It may come up in other different, you know, imposter syndrome things, but that particular one that very specific weed. You pluck out and it's gotten. So you light a candle. You write down your emotions that are swelling and you transmute it through the fire. It actually changes form from your air thoughts down to paper earth, back through the, the, you know, transmute through the fire, back into the air. And then after we shower or take a bubble bath and cleanse any residual emotion with the magic of water. You can download your free ritual and the blog. Episode page. Blink is in the show notes.

The next thing I recommend you do is a balancing meditation. With a specific crystal, I'm going to be trying to set an intention to incorporate more crystal healing. Into your solutions and spiritual practices. So practice meditating on focusing gaze at the crystal stair at the crystal. If you don't have it stare at it on the blog. And find balance, visualize a harmonious energy flowing through you. And use the screen crystal called all divine. Or you could also stare at a paradox if you have paradox.

Journaling, keep a journal during this time to record your thoughts. We've already talked about journal and burn. Maybe there's other things that are coming up in your dreams. Because these two centers that are highlighted by the sun and moon in the human design or the spleen. Gait and an Asha gate. And so that connection of those two working together is your intuition, speaking to you through your thoughts and ideas. And even in the subconscious your dreams. So journal out, maybe what you're dreaming. What's happening and maybe it is something that is not directly correlated to you, or it is directly correlated to you. Just reflect on how you can channel. Your assertiveness from what you're dreaming about and empathy, and to positive actions. And then take notes about. About your own human design chart as we're going through this, I really want you to look at yours. Look at your childrens. Look at your partners. And bring awareness. To these energies what's coming up and to your energy. I just want to say as we dive into the human design That If you you have gate 18 or 17 defined circle dan on your chart you're really gonna see this theme in your personality highlighted during the full moon as it's illuminating it And the sun is illuminating gates 18. However if you do not have it defined this is an opportune time to harness this energy That you can amplify and apply into your healing and your emotional growth so this is for everybody It's not just for people who have eight 18, and 17 defined This is for all of us We all have these Aspects and energies In our astrology charts and also we can highlight and grow In the areas that we don't have highlighted In our human design charts it's about growth it's not about feeling stuck like this is who i am and this is what's highlighted So So the next thing i think is really important is to connect and communicate With some really difficult The Conversations Find the right time To start a conversation with someone new, you need extra assertiveness with Aka the narcissist Use your empathic gifts to listen deeply Deeply and understood. Understand their feelings now this may be something that you can do as an exercise and know that it's not going to get anywhere because some people are not capable of sharing their feelings and you will find that they will continue to ask you questions or deflect Your question you know trying And To get to the root of their feelings cause that's super painful To them but if you can at least Access your feelings you can only control you right not them Access your feelings be be able to communicate those and i always think so worst case scenario is If this relationship ends At least they know how i feel You know they can't say they don't know and if they still do say they don't know. Then they're a blooming idiot cause i i expressed it very clearly And maybe you need to do it multiple times and then you know then you can part ways Sometimes we don't have the opportunity to do that with my relationship with mine I was so scared



And we have the three, five profile, which is the energy of undesired experi. Experiencing that molds you into a bad-ass leader, essentially. All wrote up in a nutshell. So if you have three, five, Your experiences. Are going, are supposed to be here to transmute from just like the Chang and gate. 18 this week to transmute from poison rotted fruit. Into medicine. And to a lesser. Lesson and to. Your maturity into something that you're going to lead. The split definition and the chart. It symbolizes, there are two major themes.

Charge on and await essentially is what we're feeling right with is Aries charge. Charge on Libra, weight, bind to clarity and perfection. And the incarnate. Carnation cross. Is the cross of service. And I will share the incarnation cross at the end of the last segment. We're going to dive into the sun. And the gate 18, this gate is called correction. And they each. Ching it is called work on what is spoiled. And you can find this gate in the spleen. So, if you're looking at your chart, look at the bottom left triangle pointing to the right.

It is gate 18.

. This center is the energy for survival health and. Intuition. This also is where our fears are held in the spleen. I mean when the spleen is colored in and defined, this gives you that consistent experience. Of these themes. You are always healthy except. When you're not healthy and you actually catch a cold, you ignore it. So. So long that then you're been bedridden. Versus when you have it white and open, you hold more sensitivities, you are away, more sensitive, maybe. Maybe some people may call you a germaphobe, but you

however in the intuition realm, if you have this spleen center, Colored and brown and it's defined you receive. Intuition very consistently, not like on a consistent basis, but in a way that is consistent. Maybe you always dream. Maybe you always hear things. Maybe you always see colors, you know, whatever your signs are. They're very consistent. And with undefined that white, you. Our an amplifier. So you actually get to enjoy. It in a variety of ways you like one day it's a dream. One day, it's a. A message. You. Here one day, you see a spirit, you know, it's like all these. These different ways. That you, you experienced it in a. Varied way because you are an amplifier. You feel really comfortable. If you have a white spleen around somebody who has a defined spleen. Because a defined spleen just kind of has this feeling of safety. Consistency. And if you have white, you, you can become codependent on someone who has a defined cause for you. You're feeling all these fears and. Sensitivities. And such heightened states. Dates and variety of ways that, that calm among the storm that, that defined spleen calm feels really. Good to be around. So it's a good thing and a bad thing, depending. Ending on a who? Has the defined spleen in your life. But due to my knowledge as well of the gene keys, I also noticed in this chart, the partner gate to gate 18. His gate 17 and the RS. Archna center. Which is in the earth and moon. So we've got a sun. And the earth and moon working together in partnership.

Mona and earth is engaged. Gate 17 in the so I think this is a really. Powerful potent energy. I know we always say that, but this is just so cool to see how it all works. Works together. The Oschner center you can find on your chart. It's the second triangle from the top. It's upside down triangle. Dangle and it's colored in green or it is white. Right. The center is where we process ideas and you can find gate 17 in this center. It is where we process the inspiration or the dreams into logic. Manifesting things, you know, Create. Creating ideas that then become concrete concepts. And it doesn't have to be so, but when one is. Unconscious in the ego, the defined Asana can be just that. Fixed in its ways, not open to other. Ideas and very judgmental. So to clarify, even further, this energy. Of the gene. Jean Key 18. In the shadow. Of this energy, you are, the narcissist may be holding judgment about something. Something. But if this can be recognized, then it can transform up into. To the healing power of the mind and it transmute into integrity, then perfection as noted in the gene keys. So there is an opportunity with eight, 18 and Both. Opposing each other during this full moon. Moon to aluminate where you. You or someone else through superiority? Are holding yourself, victim to your judgements. Or other people's judgments. And feeling. Inferior. Just that the gene key shows you are not stuck in what your chart shows. Each undefined or white. White or defined colored in Ana spleen, any center. You have the ability to flex to more steadfastness or flexibility? It, you know, You don't have to put yourself in a box just because this is what's in your chart. What you see in your chart is a starting point. And your energy. The roadmap in your spiritual growth, your human design chart.

Is showing, you know, which direction you can grow.

How can we judgment mind to embrace the action?

Shifting the mindset to an imperfection.

And per bracing.

and the hardest for practice[:


You know, we go through pain. To be stronger. We go through these hard times. To experience them to. Graduate. In the school of. Earth we call life. This is it. This is.

Part of it. So for always stuck. In this, oh, I am always a scapegoat or, oh, I'm always. Not loved or this person doesn't call me. They must not really care about. At me.

This person's saying that I'm forgive, be forgetful.

The Minho. And find and put a stop. Don't say when I forget a couple of things, everyone that is Nam. That is a thing That happens me forgetful because my aunt is He did this dark old inmate and a darker Assist Does talk Toxic person Most good and this where they just think out of a parishioner judgment And it's like no don't like that i'm not dumb I'm not. Because i freaked times I act and human To always be perfect You're Imperfect still per as a being just cause you don't You aren't So you see about changing your printer erasing the lie toxic or native Inverting mind I don't know it's almost like yourself out of Avan. That's it Full moon over on Opposing. It really is a potent or cycle to release to release notions to release a negative thought And causing you pay, you can transform Ventek south And one more note it found that mas left And right there are an, a next to each night So i looked up right that's the. And three to two is in there as well as it is And it as i at i see this but your later What do you even So Let's see sorry. I got it. Ethical transit Right now libra And Is it i just found an opposing and mars and aries So is it and mars kind of is almost quite a bit of coupling next And so you've got this opposite so wildly my own Leave. No one's fairness sitting on the phone to action the planet Together with losing air zodiac of action the mars is is not like down arrow in the chart Detriment Moving forward take a step forward or you feel internally side you're fumbling you're tripping But you keep getting pulled back energy that mars now so Sir Passive aggressive And yourself someone else towards So in the spleen this gate 32 is called continuity The synergy is agile and adaptable in any situation which is Great so right now as you're feeling this like tripping up. Energy of motion Be more like the chameleon And change And morph and be more agile the pivot It may feel funny and funky but mars is a fast planet He will leave very shortly So just for a few weeks you may be feeling that that's all Just wanted to note that interesting Phenomenon


Because the son is engaged, the conscious son is engaged 18.

Criss crossing over and down to. Too.

Let me look up the chart.

Why are you a little chart?

Here we go. So the conscious son. Sun top right. Black gate is in gate 18. Chris crosses down to the earth in gate 58. In the unconscious. And. And the unconscious sun gate 52 crosses. It's down to. The earth. Conscious gate 17. That is how the cross. His work.

Still. A lot to take in. So don't even worry about that right now. But the incarnation cross of service is what we are focused. Focusing on and typically the biggest. Illuminator clue is. That top right conscious gate.

So this gate, this integration cross is a personal. Life theme. This means that this. Life path and evolution. Theme is solely for your soul. To evolve and does not need to. To influence anyone directly, although depending on your profile, if you have four or five, Or six and. Any form. This will spill over and it will. We'll help others around you, but first focus on yourself. To. Help others. Famous people with this life, destiny of service. Service our Brigitte Bardot. Gwenyth Paltrow and Emily cloths.

Your purpose in life is. To provide service for the betterment of society. You're cool logical assessment of situations that need improving is a much sought after gift. You may have a tendency to indulge in seeing only problems and to become overly critical.

This is from a quote from the book of. Destiny's.

However you will need to support. Support in order to gain collaboration for improving. Them. You may fall prey into serving and capacities. That drain your energy and pull you from your lives. Purpose.

You may help the narcissist. You may help a person in need. You may help a friend, but just remember you can lead a horse to water. But you cannot make it drink.

So it's everyone's journey. To fix themselves to do it for themselves. All you can do is serve and show them the way. So make sure to know that service is your way. Way this. Is your thing, right? Just like the Mandalorian has, this is the way service is your way. The following, but make sure that you're following your type strategy and inner authority.

The voice of your inner authority will help, you know, when and how to serve. You can. Maintain your passionate heart. Just be tuned into your clarity to avoid being taken advantage of. With the sun and gate 18, you have a keen judgment. And the power to take on the world. Be. Be careful not to be struck in your victim mind, do. Due to your actions outside of your types strategy. You haven't. Integrity that desires for society to operate at its most optimal without restrict. Restrictions. You may feel compelled to jump in and fix, just make sure that you are serving out of response. If you are a generator. Are manifesting. Interesting generator. Or. Or serving out of invitation. If you are a projector. Or serving. Informing those you wish to help. If you are a manifester. And wait 20. Eight days and talk it over. If that is the path you should help. If you are reflector.

So onto our case study. We're going to case study Gwenyth Paltrow. She's an American actress and business woman has she's shown her commitment to serving others and addressing dysfunctional societal constructs through various initiatives and actions. So I'm going to share with you a few of those. Goop. We've all probably heard of goop. She she founded a wellness and Lifestyle brand while the brand has faced its sheriff criticism it also promotes holis. Holistic wellbeing Including mental health awareness Clean eating and self care practices by by providing resources and information on these topics goop aims to empower Individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing Pal's are Also as a huge advocate for mental health awareness She has openly discussed her struggles with postpartum depression and how important it is is to address mental health issues openly without stigma. By sharing her experiences she has helped reduce the shame associated with mental health challenges And encourages others to seek help She's been involved in various charitable activities and philanthropy she has supported organizations that focus on education poverty alleviation And disaster relief efforts Her service through philanthropic work reflects It's a desire to make a positive impact on society and address issues created by systemic inequalities What is proud show has been vocal about women's empowerment and gender equality She has used her platform to highlight issues like the gender pay gap and the need for more opportunities for women in the entertainment industry Her advocacy Is Sheds light on dysfunction. Functional societal constructs that perpetuate gender inequality She's environmentally conscious goop And her personal lifestyle choices She's promoted eco-friendly and sustainable practices these reflects and awareness of environmental issues And alternative health Practices as well she's promoting the alternative health Through goop and really Helping others and serving others too Look back into themselves how can they gain empowerment back Within When the simple practices of eating clean versus always relying on Doctors even as her role in as an actress And in her art Her work there has often delve into complex societal issues Whether in her film roles or her involvement in socially conscious projects So through her art she's even serving and exploring How to expose societal dysfunctions and inequalities. As an empath i know you have a unique ability to tap into the energies Of the cosmos And the emotions of those around you So during this full moon moon in aries ha with the gate in The sun in gate 18 and the moon Earth and gate 17 mars and 32. And the sun being in a harmonious libra it's all here to help us find a balance and take inspired action And to cultivate a deeper connection with others Yeah May this full moon bring you clarity Empowerment And gumption released what's not serving you I just start to break free of those judgments and opinions That aren't serving You Anymore With love and warm See you next time explore another human design gate Charge for the new moon


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