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That's One Happy Orchestra! Why the Utah Symphony is Excelling, How Effective Leadership Affects An Ensemble's Sound and Morale, What It's Like Going Home as a Quasi-Celebrity and Much More with Travis Peterson.
24th November 2021 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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Today we welcome principal trumpeter with the Utah Symphony (aka the quarterback of the orchestra to folks in his hometown of Milaca, MN) Travis Peterson. Travis was mentioned often in the episode with Jeff Luke, which I highly recommend you listen to as well, and so it was a tremendous honor to have Travis on the show as well.

Here's a little bit of what you'll hear in this episode:

-Learning the fundamentals in drum corps...

-Life in the Utah Symphony...

-That's one happy orchestra!...

-What it would take for the Utah Symphony to be an industry leader on par with Chicago, New York, etc...

-How a new concertmaster brought in a new sound and energy to the entire ensemble...

-What it's like to be regarded as a pseudo-celebrity when Travis visits home...

-And much more!

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The Utah Symphony Audition Committee

The State of Utah Department of Tourism and General Happiness

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