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Supporting Human Infrastructure in Cities with Dr. Robert Blaine
Episode 124th January 2023 • Breaking Down Barriers • Economic Impact Catalyst
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In this discussion, host David Ponraj talks with Dr. Robert Blaine, Sr. Executive and Director of the Institute for Youth, Education and Families at National League of Cities (NLC) and the CAO for the City of Jackson, MS. Dr. Blaine reveals how the NLC is working tirelessly to bring economic inclusion to marginalized residents at a city level, to provide human infrastructure along with physical infrastructure. While necessary efforts are going toward safe roads, clean water and energy efficiency, they also focus on economic dignity for all residents including access to good schools, resources for health and wellness, and financial empowerment tools.

The National League of Cities, in partnership with the federal government and several notable nonprofits, are offering FREE programs to any city that needs financial help and guidance to improve their human and physical infrastructure. They provide various grants, along with 4-month programs that will ensure the grant money is used strategically and will create a positive impact. There are new opportunities to apply for programs that address challenges like clean water, safe roads, energy efficiency, broadband access, and factory revitalization. Every four months, a new group of programs launches, so check back often.

To find out more about the various programs, grants, and to apply, visit

Learn more about NLC at