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Charity, Being Good Corporate Citizens, & the Power of Giving Back, w/ Tony DiPaolo
6th October 2023 • All Things Parking with Dani and John • John D. Conway, Dani Crain
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In this episode, your hosts Dani and John talk with Tony DiPaolo about communities coming together in incredible ways to support some amazing causes. 

Tony DiPaolo is the Senior Vice President at LAZ Parking.  

Dani, John, and Tony get into:

* How Tony got into parking, from growing up in New Mexico to working in sports and to being advised by his parents to get into the parking industry.

* LAZ Parking hosting their 11th Annual Golf Tournament benefiting Special Olympics Chicago.

* LAZ Parking's charitable efforts go beyond just writing checks, they take it to another level.

* The power of giving back and the impact of charitable efforts on employees and communities.

* The enormous effort that goes into successfully pulling off a charitable event. 

* The inverted pyramid structure of LAZ Parking’s organization, with the CEO at the bottom and frontline employees at the top, emphasizing the importance of servant leadership and communication.

* The Second Chance program, where companies like LAZ Parking provide job opportunities to people recently released from prison.

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