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1991 - The Finale, Part II
5th May 2022 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year: 1991

We Have a Winner

By the end of this episode we will all know the 1991 Movie of the Year!

Our 1991 season is finally coming to an end. We have watched all the movies, casted all the pods, tallied all the votes -- now it is time to let the people know the results. The world will never be the same after this announcement. We know that better than anyone, but we have to end this season of the podcast. Just because it is called Movie of the Year, doesn't mean that the seasons have to be a dang year long themselves, shoot!

So here we are at the end of the longest season of them all, and yet it is still hard to say goodbye to our friends: the movies. Without them, these would all just be years, largely indistinguishable from each other as all of history slides into the grey smudge of our memories. But when you think of Barton Fink, you think of 1991, and just like that the year is alive again. You and your friends, piled in the back of a truck, going to see a rated-R movie. A dream within a dream, my friends.

And even if these flicks don't take home the big prize, they can still get in on some of the most prestigious awards Hollywood has to offer -- the Mooties. We award the actors, of course, long may they live, but we also award the best duos and the baddest behavior. Winners are invited to our palatial downtown Burbank studios to pick the awards up in person, and folks better start coming soon because we made them TOO BIG and we have WAY too many. And sometimes they heat up and vibrate, FAST.

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