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Wanna Grab Coffee? - Robert Greiner, Charles Knight, Igor Geyfman EPISODE 38, 26th April 2021
#038 - Nine Lies About Work Series: Lie #5
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#038 - Nine Lies About Work Series: Lie #5

Today we continue our discussion on the Nine Lies About Work book series with Lie #5 People Need Feedback.

We cover the difference between feedback and attention and why the ability to deliver effective positive and negative feedback is a cornerstone of strong leadership and management.

As leaders, it's vital that we build exceptional relationships with our team as a prerequisite to delivering performance related feedback - especially negative feedback.

We also cover 2 rules-of-thumb around feedback:

  • If you want to be a world-class performer in any discipline you need about 10 times the feedback that you're getting today or that your peer group is getting.
  • If you want your team to be world-class, you should be delivering feedback to your team at least once per day.

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