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MicroFamous - Matt Johnson 29th October 2020
Breaking Limiting Beliefs in Our Clients
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Breaking Limiting Beliefs in Our Clients

If you’re coaching or consulting, you’re going to run into client limiting beliefs. We’re going to run into the things our clients believe about the world, business in general, themselves and what’s possible for them. While we can’t deal with ALL limiting beliefs before a client signs up, we have to choose which limiting beliefs are the most important to break.

The question is when do you want to deal with limiting beliefs, after they’ve started the client relationship, or before? 

I would rather deal with them before. 

The content we put out to our audience is a great opportunity to break those limiting beliefs before they ever show up on our doorstep for a sales call.

In this episode, I give you 3 examples of limiting beliefs, how they can be dealt with by the content we produce, and how that helps us create ideal clients. We’ll deal with one example from 3 industries, business coaching, business consulting, and podcasting.