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Lifting as He Climbs featuring Iron Mike Steadman, Marine Corps Veteran
3rd March 2023 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Students at the U.S. Naval Academy are required to select a sport. Many continue sports that they played in high school or while growing up. ‘Iron Mike’ Steadman selected boxing, something that would go beyond meeting a graduation requirement to become his greater mission.

Iron Mike Steadman is a Marine Corps Veteran, a published author, three-time National Boxing Champion, a Naval Academy Graduate and the founder of IRONBOUND Boxing. He went on deployment in Afghanistan, Japan, and the Philippines before finishing his time in service and finding his way back to boxing, a sport he picked up while at the Naval Academy.

In this interview, “Iron Mike” speaks with host Mary Kate Soliva about:

• Why he thinks military leadership is so different than private sector management

• How he uses boxing to help inner city kids become world-class humans, an ecosystem of champions both in and out of the gym

• The unique opportunity that exists within the black veteran entrepreneurial community

Veteran Voices is produced in partnership with Supply Chain Now, the Guam Human Rights Initiative, and the Military Women's Collective.

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