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70. Live from IFPA’s Global Show: Making Better Qualitative Decisions With Best-In-Class Software Solutions
Episode 7020th December 2022 • Fresh Takes On Tech • International Fresh Produce Association
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We are talking with Justin Machell (CEO, Highland Ag Solutions) & Cole Powers (Co-Founder, IntelliCulture)

Join us as we discuss:

  • Best practices for producers to manage their equipment lifecycle
  • How to prevent pest outbreaks, and increase labor efficiency
  • The benefits of automating the machine management process

Segment 1 - Justin Machell (Highland Ag Solutions)

By converting the modern farm into a comprehensive digital platform, Highland Ag Solutions is virtualizing the business of agriculture. Highland Hub is a powerful digital ecosystem designed for growers, marketers, food safety directors, packing house managers and other agricultural employees. From soil to sale, it provides tools to help you run your business more easily and efficiently, with the goal of enhancing farm operations, easing the regulatory burden and maximizing your finished-good returns.

Segment 2 - Cole Powers (IntelliCulture)

IntelliCulture's farm management software prevents costly mistakes on the farm. They offer a hardware equipment logger to capture data from farm equipment and broadcast it to their cloud database. They identify inefficiencies, recommend corrections and help advise crucial spending decisions. IntelliCulture offers affordable and manufacturer-independent tool and prioritizing features based on farmer feedback. They approach development from the mindset of a farm manager, by spending time in the field and ultimately putting farmers first.

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