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Know When To Be A Don'ter
Episode 1532nd June 2021 • Lessons With A King • Israel Ekanem
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Lesson 153: Know When To Be A Don'ter

In the film, Pain, and Gain, there's a scene where a "guru" says there are two types of people: doers and don't'ers. If you haven't seen the film, be sure to check it out. Anyway, we should take opportunities as they show up. They don't always come. However, we need to know when to say no. Not just say no but actually mean it and stick to it. Remember, the cost of the things you do are the things you didn't do. So if you say no to something, you get the opportunity to say yes to something else. 

PROMPT: What are you not a "don'ter" for (basically, what won't you not do)?







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