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How to create a vision strong enough to manifest your dreams with Dan Mangena
Episode 26417th October 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is an interview with Dan Mangena. Dan supports spiritually and entrepreneurial minded people who want 360 degrees of abundance.   I absolutely loved this episode, the conversation we had and the topics that came up are really fitting with who I am and what I'm learning right now - so I really hope you enjoy it too!  


  ●     What money mindset and manifesting abundance means ●     How our emotional state impacts our ability to think ●     Why money is just numbers on a screen ●     The power of reframing your negative thoughts into positive ones ●     Why your environment is a perfect reflection of the blueprint that you're holding mentally  


If you don't have clarity, it doesn't matter what you say or do, you're always going to be running around in a circle.


  ●     How to turn money mindset and abundance into a practical thing ●     How to create a vision strong enough to manifest your dreams ●     Why you need to bring something closer to you, to be able to let it go  


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  Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. I am back from my lovely trip to Nashville. And I feel like if I can just get a little bit wooer, I feel like some big shifts happened while I was over there and to spend the time and the money I did on doing something like that was was phenomenal and gave me so much to think about. Made me realize so much about myself that I'm almost in a bit of a phase now of looking at who I am and what I'm doing and what I'm doing in the business and how I earn money and how I spend my time and all this kind of stuff. So yeah, it was just phenomenal. And if anyone has sat there thinking whether they should invest, you know, time and money in themselves, 1000000%. Yes. Now I'm about to, When I say about, I'm literally just going through the, the thoughts at the moment, but I'm gonna make some changes to the pricing of my office in terms of the membership, in terms of working with me one to one, because of lots of different reasons, lots of things that happened while I was away. Lots that I've learned about myself and about how I am as a person and how I've invested in me and what I do. So that will be coming and I will tell you about that at some point. But yeah, I just. And I say that for two reasons. One, because I think it's so important that you do invest yourself. And two, if you are investing in yourself looks like working with me, then you probably wanna look at doing it as sooner rather than later because I'm gonna be reviewing my pricing and they are likely to go up. So yeah, I just wanna say that I had the most amazing time and, and it was just brilliant. And then I was in LA afterwards and some things happened, which I won't go into, but that taught me some lessons too. And even when things are a bit rubbish and you think, Yeah, that sucked, I didn't wanna have to deal with that. Actually, sometimes they're the biggest and best lessons and for me, I finally feel like I'm stepping into who I am and my power and what I'm meant to be doing is that all a bit heavy for a Monday morning. I apologize if that's the case, but it's very apt for today's interview. I have interviewed the amazing Dan. Now. I've just gone back cuz you know how I batch a lot of interviews and we're almost getting to the end of my batching and we're about to start rerecording some, which by the way have already, the applications have been in for 6-12 months almost. And I've actually paused any new applications cause I have too many, which is a lovely position to be in. But Dan was recorded quite a while back, so I went back and listened to it. And I basically listen to whole thing, start to finish, and it's so good, like so, so good. The stuff he talks about, the stories we tell, the conversations we have. This is totally up my street and some great things to learn in this, and it's really fitting with kind of who I am and what I'm learning. I've mentioned before that I'm doing Age Blooming coaching and spiritual coaching, and I am learning all sorts of amazing things, which will add to me and what I offer to my amazing community. So yeah. But this episode is perfect. I love it. I'm sure you will too. As always, I will link up to everything in the show notes about Dan. Please go check him out. Please do go share the love and tell us what you thought of this episode and I will just get straight on it and hand you over to Dan. I am really excited today to welcome to the podcast the very lovely Dan Mangena. Dan, how are you doing? Daniel: I am superdupercalifragilisticexpialidocious. This how I feel. How you doin? Teresa: Well, I've never had. Daniel: You were not expecting that, were you? Teresa: That was certainly, well, fairly not. That was like, You know, a great start. That that has gotta give some energy to anyone who's listening. Like, we're in for a tree. I can tell before you get going. Dan, I'm really excited to have you on one of your, The stuff you talk about is the stuff that I love. So it's always nice to kind of pick people's brains and hear what they gotta say about stuff. But I always start in exactly the same way by asking you to explain to my lovely audience how you got to do what you do today? Daniel: Pain. Teresa. She thinks I'm joking. Teresa: Right? Daniel: I'm not joking. Teresa: You guys, you're guys think something serious and then I'm gonna think I kind of just laughed at that. Daniel: Well, so I love to describe, I don't love, I am called to describe my life as a, a trilogy. Effectively. Right now we're in part three and Part Three's been going on since 13th of February, 2018 at six 40 ish in the morning. And you know how I can tell that's exactly what happened. Teresa: You tell me. Daniel: So I was at Meditation Retreat. You probably heard of Dr. Jody Spencer. I was at one of his seven day week long events. I've been doing his work for a few years. Did Tequila shots with him once. He's an awesome guy. Love him to Bits. Teresa: Amazing. Daniel: I was at this retreat and the crazy thing was, is that that particular retreat hadn't really been that great for me. Not because of anything to do with Dr. Joe, but I'd been on a run of going to his events literally every couple of months. So if you imagine my girlfriend at the time, someone who's relatively introverted, doesn't really leave the house that much, all of a sudden is running off to another country every few weeks. Coming back with that as you know, the spiritual communities tend to have more women than men meet with new people. They're in the States. I'm in the UK at the time, so in the evening I'm sitting there texting with random women that I didn't know before. I love you so much. Oh, this, that, blah, blah, blah. Oh wow. So she's like, Oh, this one. She's like, I'm coming along to see what the hell's going on. All these people that you are meeting, I wanna see what's going on. Not a weird orgy thing. So she came along . So we ended up happening is between each of the sessions, I'd come out from the meditation session, should be there at the door waiting for me there at the door waiting for me in the evening there, waiting for me. So I didn't really get a chance to kind of just unplug as I'd normally done. So it's not that there was anything wrong, but it's been different to. Ordinarily I go for the four days, seven days, whatever, phones off. I just dive in and do the thing. So the Monday after, so this was, we finished on the Sunday. Monday morning everyone's out due to walk-in meditation. I'm like, I'm gonna go and do walk-in meditation. And I had no word of life. An interdimensional fifth degree 3D virtual reality experience of exactly what my life would look like if I had answered the call that I'd been hearing throughout part two of the trilogy. The call had been coming, the synchronous had been showing up. The invitations had been there. I'd had my donor and the well situation where I'd said yes and gimme a bit. And I'll, I'll change, I'll come and do this thing. Cause I wasn't really incentivized to, this is the thing. I wasn't burnt out in a corporate job. I wasn't like miserable. I was living my best life. You have to understand. I'd come from the dark times of part one, I built myself up over part two. I had a lovely home in Highgate. I had a tailor I'd hang out with my mates in different parts of the world. I have more wristwatches than I needed by more names than I needed to. Like my life was good. Making good money, working out great relationships with my friends, great relationships with my family. So I didn't have this missing thing that I often hear people talking about this, like, I need to go and find my purpose. I didn't feel that. So when this nudge was coming and these things were coming, I was like, "Yeah, I'm alright right now." And then, in this experience I had like, Oh, I'm getting the gooses right now. I literally felt exactly what my life would be like if I answered the call. It's like, Yeah, you've got all this stuff, but there's all this more. And that day I shut down the website for my business. I gave back money for contracts. When I got back to the UK. I walked away from deals and within a couple of months I was packed up with a backpack suit carrier and a a suitcase traveling the world on my own dime, sharing this work that I do. And so that's where the transition was into this. And part two and part one, I've got their things. We'll probably get to those. But the point of transition was about 6:40 in the morning, the 13th of February, 2019. Teresa: So, you know, probably in irrelevant question in all of this, but I nosy. Did your girlfriend come with you or was that the end of that girlfriend? Daniel: It didn't last. No. Teresa: Okay. I was just, I was just being nosy because that's a huge flipping thing. Like, that isn't, I might change my job or I'm thinking about doing this thing that is, you know, this life you've come accustomed to, you know, this, what we've got and what we do and how this works and all this that is like, "Oh yeah, no, not anymore." And some people, I mean, I didn't do something quite like that, but I certainly handed in a job and started my business on a whim. Daniel: Yeah. Which is no mean feat. No mean feat. Teresa: And people thought I was crazy. They thought I'd lost my mind. And I think... Daniel: That's probably all. Teresa: You know. Yeah. You're God, we gotta figure way. Like what was people's reactions? What did they think? And did you first second doubt yourself and go actually, what have I done? Daniel: What the thing is, like I've never had a, a job, job. I've never had a job, job. I made my first million when I was 19 years old. Promptly lost everything. Made it again, promptly lost everything. That was part one. You know, I taught myself to make computers when I was 13, registered my first company when I was 16 with company's house. Teresa: What on Earth. Daniel: And yeah, so like I was, I was always about that life, right? And. Nobody was like, Oh, dad's packed up and he's gonna go travel in the world. It's like, Oh, that's what he's doing now, kind of thing. Yeah, Right. Teresa: Because you'd been so, it's not like you'd sat in the same job for the last 20 years doing whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Daniel: No. No, I've had, I've had two jobs. I worked in stir sundry cinemas in Rumford when I was 15 or 16 for the summer. I didn't need the money. I was already making money. I was making like a few hundred pounds here and there, percent of my computers. But I met my best friends, Jamie and Nathan there. My friend Andrew was like, Hey, do you want something to do? Like they need people to work at the cinema. I'm like, I'm not doing anything. Let's do it. And I got like free ice cream and popcorn and I love movies. So that was my, my job. And then building myself back up after losing everything the second time and coming out of the whole dark shadows of suicide and stuff. I got a job in a call center and I worked there for about six months while I built up another business that I, I grew that to about a hundred thousand pounds a month of revenue. Teresa: Wow. So those businesses, were they anything to do with, or like what you do today? Daniel: No. Teresa: No. Completely different. Daniel: My first business that went wrong, horribly wrong, actually went wrong because I was trying to help people because I didn't have the right licenses for the way that I was helping people. So the government come in and take everything. Thank you. Teresa: Oh dear. Daniel: And then, then I went into Project well consulting Really. And I built up the money doing that and I ended up getting equity slices in different deals I put together. And then everything got stolen by people. Cause I tried to be clever cause everything got taken by the government the first time. I was like, I'm, I'm young. I'm like 20 years old. He thinks he knows everything. Teresa: Yeah. Cause we do when we're with that age. Daniel: Arrogance of youth, Right. And put everything in other people's names and then they're not gonna get my money. Like did Well, the people took the money. So that was that. So yeah, I built up that. So I was doing, you know, putting deals together for people, brainstorming stuff. People paid me basically to pick my brain and I took equity slices for my brain capital going into to deals, and then I leveraged that back into consulting. That's a business that I built up. And we ended up branching into other areas of where we did some stuff with, with pensions and stuff like that, with the sips, and going into companies that had opportunities to take advantage of using pension funds for real estate and stuff like that. I basically put things together for them and got equity slices again, and that's what I was doing. And now it's nothing to do with that. Which is one of the reasons why I was saying no, because I didn't want to have anything to do with other people. Cause it hadn't really worked to come before. Wanted to be in my safety little bubble. So it's a big, big hurdle for me to go over. Teresa: So explain to people what it is you do today. Like, you know, how do you describe yourself? Daniel: How do I describe myself? You ready? Are you sure that you're. Teresa: I'm very ready. Daniel: I support spiritually and entrepreneury hearted and minded people wanting 360 degrees of abundance. That's it. Teresa: I love it. Daniel: That's what we do. Teresa: I love it. Yeah. So I can see the entrepreneurial stuff, but where did the spiritual stuff come from? Like is that something that was always there that you toyed with yourself, but it was not necessarily part of the mainstream? Or was that something. Cause obviously you talked about Dr. Jody Spencer and we just realized that we both know Mary Hyatt. My lovely Mary. And she, she goes to Jody Spencer and I was introduced to who he was through her. So obviously you were going to those things and obviously if anybody knows what Jody Spencer does, obviously he talks about spiritually and healing and all that sort of thing. So was it always there or how did it come about? Daniel: So I've been in personal development for about 22 years and I am as young as I look cuz I was reading, Think and Grow Rich when I was 16 years old. I was studying books like Psycho Cybernetics in my teens, getting books from Knight and Gal Connet. And my early success, I really do grant to number one, this unwavering, just knowing that I was gonna be a millionaire, right? And B, I raise, a sharp mindset that was honed by all of the study and books, the stuff that I was reading. So my mental stuff was on point, and I've always used mind and mental to create. And then around 2015, 2016 when I got into do dispenser's work, having tried some of the spiritual stuff before, it kind of gave me a way to kind of get into it. And since then, now I practice cond in yoga there and other things as well. And one of the things that sets me aside, I believe, He says from other people, maybe in my field, in other fields, is that I don't just look at mindset. I don't just look at the spiritual. I recognize that all of these are part of who we are as a holistic being. And so the spiritual has been, it's ended up being where a lot of people who attracted and resonate with what I do come from because they've been caught up in the spiritual stuff and haven't got a way to connect it to the mindset, habits of behaviors, action, and the intentionality, which is what I bring together. So in order to prove with me, you kind of need to get that we're more than just meet sacks, right? you need to kind of get that there's some, the woo woo's got something to it no matter what to what degree you are. But that's just, it's an essential component. And so I kind of make sure people know. There's gonna be some woo going on here. We're gonna have some fun with it. We're gonna get some results. But there is some woo. Teresa: Yeah. And I think you're so right. I think for me, I came in from a business point of view. I was always very corporate. I had corporate roles. Then when I started my own business, and I think I'd always had a passion and I didn't think about it until the other day for personal development. Cause I again remember reading like mind books and things when I was like probably 19, 20 and. When I have my own business, I really got into the personal development. Cause I then suddenly realized that the importance of mindset when you are your business and you've gotta show up every day. And you've gotta do this, that is like basically make or break a business. And then, and I think it was maybe a bit of Mary like when she came into my world and, but slowly the mindset and the personal development and the more strategy has now been sort of, like surrounded by and made better by this spiritual side where because I, I always really struggled. I remember watching the secret, I never read the book. I think I tried to, but anyway, I remember watching The Secret and then like this example of, you know, I thought about having a portion there it was, and of course, I, I could only sit there and go. What are you talking...




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