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How a Gleason 6 Score Can Change Your Life for The Better
Episode 38th March 2022 • The Dr. Geo Podcast • Dr. Geo Espinosa
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Men are about performance. Men have a desire and drive to perform.

But when the word cancer is spoken to them by their doctor and they get told they have a Gleason 6 score, a man's entire world changes. For the first time, a man is facing mortality and thinking they could die sooner rather than later.

Men - having a Gleason 6 score is not the end of the world. In fact, it's a blessing.

In this episode of the Dr. Geo Podcast, Dr. Geo breaks down the Gleason score and why being given a Gleason 6 score is a good thing.

He also goes into treatment options for Gleason 6 and why a proactive surveillance method around prostate cancer is the most optimal.

Listen to this episode to learn:

-How a Gleason 6 Score Can Change Your Life for The Better

-What’s the Gleason Score for Prostate Cancer

-What Are the Treatment Options for Men With Gleason 6


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