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Episode 6: How To Make Six Figures Writing Kindle Books With Steve Scott
7th September 2016 • Breakthrough Success - Content Marketing That Works • Marc Guberti
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Today on Breakthrough Success, we are joined by Steve Scott, a highly successful Amazon Kindle Author. Steve generates six figures a year through his Kindle business. Having published over 60 books, and having a diverse publishing platform including audio books and podcasts, Steve has taken a little time out of his busy life to chat with Marc and share some great info.

Tune in to hear Steve and Marc discuss the world of Kindle Publishing, how Steve got started, and what it is that drives him to succeed. 

We’re lucky to gather such useful pieces of advice, covering everything from motivation, all the way to the most critical part of building an online empire. Steve divulges his top tips for successful publishing along with great general advice for any budding entrepreneur.

Listen in to find out why your “80/20” approach is so significant, and why fear is still a driving force for Steve. 



- How to take daily action for your own benefit

- Why it is important to always stay hungry for more success

- Why it’s important to constantly reinvent yourself

- That failing 9/10 times is ok

- To make yourself fully accountable

- Why building email lists are so key to business

- Steve’s 3 key tips for writers


Key Links from the Show: - Steve’s Personal Site - Steve’s Amazon Page - Kindle Direct Publishing - Steve’s site for good habits! - Steve’s Podcast/Blog on publishing





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