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How to Create a Content Treasure Trove for Unlimited Repurposing
Episode 17825th March 2021 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Picture’ve created some great long-form content, repurposed it into bite-size content, and shared it on social media… now what?

That doesn’t have to be the end of your content’s journey. In fact, if your content performs well, it should be just the start!

In this episode, I’m sharing why you should revisit your best-performing pieces of content and how you can store them for unlimited repurposing. I call this creating a "content treasure trove." This is your curated library of your best-of-the-best, gold-standard content that you know is going to make a big impact on your audience.

Listen to this episode to find out about:

  • What a content treasure trove is and why you need one
  • How to repurpose and reuse your best performing content
  • 5 ways to find out what your highest performing content is

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