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4 Ways to Get Booked on Podcasts, Lives & Virtual Speaking Events as an Online Entrepreneur to Grow Your Audience
Episode 3524th May 2022 • Building a Life You Love- Life and Wellness Tips to Live Your Best Life • Kristin Fitch - Transformational Christian Life Coach & Wellness Coach
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On today's episode Kristin shares 4 ways you can get more exposure for your business by creating a podcast guest or speaker sheet, and joining groups and using networking and discovery to get booked on podcasts, facebook or instagram lives, or book speaking gigs for virtual events.

She shares how she's used these tactics to book podcast guests and be a guest of other shows and lives. These tactics help you grow your audience and exposure which in turn is a way to drive more traffic to your website and share your offering with interested folks.

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Kristin Fitch

Hey, Hey, and welcome back. This is Kristin and today we are going to dive into four ways you that you can get booked on podcasts, live and virtual events as an online entrepreneur. So I can't wait to dig into this with you. And I hope that just becomes a monthly or weekly goal for you to get more exposure. So here we go to beautiful friend, welcome to Business and breakthroughs. Do you want to optimize your online presence so you can get more traffic to grow your writing, speaking or coaching business? Are you constantly trying things online? And wondering what actually works best to grow your email list, get leads and book more opportunities? Are you looking for ideas that will help you grow your brand? I'm Kristin, an online traffic growth coach who built an online brain that reached millions of people. I've worked in online marketing for over 20 years. And I know how frustrating it was to work so hard and feel like I wasn't seeing more engagement opportunities or leads, until I learned to optimize my online presence. After putting the systems in place, I was able to grow an online audience to over 10 million with 38 million pageviews and grew an email list to 50k, all with one brand, I want to help you do the same. Getting traffic online doesn't have to be so hard. I create an easy to follow online growth system in online marketing strategies that work to grow your audience and increase your traffic, grab your coffee and a notebook and let's grow your traffic boss. Okay, here we go. Let's dive right in. What I love about these tactics is that if you're looking to grow your business to grow your brand, one of the best ways you can do that, and that doesn't cost you really any money is to get in front of other people's audiences where you can bring value, but you're not known to them. Okay, so that is why we would be doing this. So once again, we're going to talk about four ways you can get booked on more podcasts, or on Facebook or Instagram lives. Or you can be a guest or a speaker at virtual events. So here we go, let's dive right in. The first way that you can get more exposure and get in front of more people, is to start off with creating a one shooter to be a podcast guest or to be a speaker. And you want to do that and send it to people as you promote yourself and these different groups we're going to talk about and then also as you network with people, and I have examples of one cheaters that I will post on my website, Kristin But you can also go to, where you can create lots of graphic, you know, PDFs or JPEGs and things like that, of, you know promotional things. And you can also do one sheet or they're they have examples that you can just take and make your own. Or you can look to other people's sheets, and then come up with a style and design that you like. So that is the first thing that is needed, you don't want to just post you know a little bit of copy about you, you want to have a easy for them to access, PDF and graphic that they can just look at, and it has your contact info, it has kind of what you cover what you're an expert at a photo of you. And you know, basically like maybe some topic suggestions. So that's the first thing that you really need if you want to start getting booked on more podcasts in lives. And like I said, it's actually really easy to create. And it's something that over time, as you hone your business, as you come up with new ideas to talk about, or you find which ones really resonate with people, you're going to update this one sheeter. And then that's what you'll use moving forward. So it's, it's like most of our business, you're gonna keep making little tweak to the things that you send out to people. But first of all, you start off with this one feature that you send to people that makes it super clear.

What your quick highlight is, and then what you can speak to their audience about and what value are you going to bring to them? And then how can they contact you? So that's the first thing and it's so important. And I will tell you in the past, I even had two different one cheaters, which that can be okay, the issue is, I was diluting who I was and what my brand and what I can really speak to is because I was not sure how to bring the two things together. And if you find that's the case for yourself, you just really have to get clear on who are you reaching out to to be on their shows or their podcast and what which of those would really resonate with them. So don't make it about what you do so much but make it about what do you do that they would want you to talk about? Okay. The next thing is, you really want to join some groups that allow you to post that you can be a guest on shows that will let you tell about yourself and you're focused. And I'm going to give you a couple suggestions that I think are really great and that I'm members of and I've gotten guests and I've been a guest on podcast because of this The first one in Facebook is called podcast guest collaboration community. And I have, it's a big, big community. I mean, I think it might be something like 20 or 30,000 people, but it's super active. And honestly, I have gotten guests, and I've also been on other podcasts as well. So that is a great community. Another one that I am a member of that's very active. And really, you know, good quality is called pod match. And then dash podcast guest interviews. Now, both of these free communities also have paid websites that you can join so that you're featured, and you get emails with kind of summaries of the people that are in the group for that week. So that's definitely an option. And if you're really trying to book a lot of these, you know, podcast interviews and shows, that's something to consider, you know, at least for a time being. There's many other Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and things like that, but just pick a couple. And they can be super specific to it doesn't have to be so broad. There's other groups that might be for, you know, podcast guests, that are coaches, or just for speakers. Or maybe if you are an expert in a certain area, like a doctor, but you want to get on more shows, you know, find one that's niche down like that. Okay, so that's number two. But it's really important, because that's how you start getting in front of people that might be looking for a guest just like you. And actually, while I'm at this, I do want to mention, when you email somebody, which we'll talk about in a minute, or you post in these groups, don't just post your PDF, of course, post a little bit of copy about, you know, what's your name? What do you do? What can you speak to, and then how should they reach out to you so that if they don't see the graphic, especially in an email, and they don't have to click the PDF opened, they can decide super quick if you would be a great guest. Or if you're a maybe guest, or maybe you're not a good fit. Also, when you contact somebody to direct directly, don't just be generic and don't, you know, send it to 50 people, you need to be super specific, you need to know the show, it needs to be a show you've listened to several times at least. And you need to tell them what it is about the show that really resonated with you. And why you think you would be a valuable guest to them. Don't go on for you know, paragraphs and paragraphs, because they're not going to read it all. Just make it clear to the point and concise and then attach that PDF or that graphic as well.

The next thing is you have to network with people, and let them know that you are wanting to you know, be a podcast guest and that you've been a guest on other shows, once you've done that. And some ideas for that is of course, LinkedIn, you know, that's a great place to network with people. And there's lots of groups in there that are super specific. Also, if you are already podcasting, most podcast platforms have a community for their podcasters, where if they allow it, you can post and just say like you're looking for a guest or you're wanting to be a guest, you know, make sure you know the rules. Also, if you're in professional groups, or you're in paid memberships, where people are doing similar work, often there's places within those where you can post opportunities to work with other people. And I've done that before. And I've gotten great podcast guests by posting in those types of groups that I'm in, I'm in one group that's for Christian or faith based speakers and writers. And that is not a Facebook community. But it's a it's another community. And I have definitely made great contacts from there and actually started some friendships from people in those groups, after I had them on as guests. So that's the next way you've got to network. And of course, you can network in person, too. If you're part of a business or professional group. Some you know, a lot of times in your own communities, there's already people podcasting may be in your focus area, you know, so if you're in business, I know locally, there's plenty of podcasts, even here in my area. And then number four is, once you're on a podcast, and if you really feel like it clicked with a guest, and it was a really good fit, you know, the content you're providing. Ask that guest that podcast if you if they have any suggestions for you, or connections that they think would really enjoy having you on. So you have to ask people, you have to tell people what it is that you're wanting to do. Otherwise, they're not necessarily going to think to make that connection for you. You know, and make sure you follow up. You know, you can also ask people later, it's just so important. And like I said, so many people I talk to maybe you've never done a podcast interview yet. Well, that's okay. You know, when you first do it, if you join these groups, just make sure you're ready to go and know that if you haven't practiced or done radio interviews or podcast interviews or been a speaker at event yet, you have to be careful because a lot of times what happens is, you're not ready for your responses. And you might go, you might kind of go on and on and on with your answers, which sometimes that's okay. But if every answer is really, really long, sometimes you're not really getting to the point of what it is you wanted to share. So it just makes it a little less effective. So you can practice by just doing, you know, getting someone you know, to talk with you, and maybe ask you, you know, hypothetical questions, and just having that kind of an interview style conversation so that you get comfortable with it, it's really important, because you'll do better if you haven't done this, even if you're a seasoned author, speaker, contest, or coach, so you've done lots of interviews in the past, maybe you've taken a break since your last big thing came out. And so maybe you're just not as polished as you had been. Or maybe you're talking about a different subject matter. Now, the once again, it's really great to just practice a little bit. And then, as you do more shows, of course, you're gonna have, you know, better content. And what I want to say about virtual events, often, if you're in these groups, someone might post about that they're putting together a virtual event. What's cool about that is as you if you're ready to go, especially with your one tutor, you can reach out to them and say, Hey, I would love to be a guest, or follow the events that you would love to be a guest at in the future. And so maybe it's too late right now, for instance, if it's a summer event this year, but follow them now. And then at some point they will, they'll put out a call for Speaker submissions or proposals. Well, if you have that tagged, and you're following them, you're going to see that and you'll be ready to submit your idea for the topic. For a group, you know, of speakers like a, what do you call that? Like a round table or something like that. But if you if you start having these goals now, you know, like, what would you love to be a speaker at so if you're a podcaster, there's there specific podcasting events, maybe for this fall, or next year, you want to be a speaker at some of those events, we'll start following them now. So that, you know, when they announced that they're looking to get speakers, so that that goal of yours can actually happen the next time, they have an event. And of course, I just want to say don't feel defeated, if you submit to some of these things, and you don't get it right away. You know, they have a lot of people submitting for especially the bigger the more exposure these events have, normally, the more established of speakers they're gonna get. And that's okay, just keep trying and start developing those relationships with people. And you will get there. And then also, your goal might be for this amazing, huge event that you want to speak at. But until you've done other speaking gigs in that same area, that same genre, or industry, you may not get that big gig, that's okay. So what you need to do is also have a list of the smaller events that you can submit to you can reach out to the promoter or the you know, the person running it, and try to get a spot in there. Another thing that I've done in the past is, let's say you're not speaking at the event that year, but often they have positions where you can be a volunteer, and maybe you emcee a room, you know, and but you start making connections, you start getting to know people at this events. And often in that case, you wouldn't if you're a volunteer, you may not even have to pay for the ticket, of course, you'd have to pay for your, your hotel and your flights and stuff. But that's a great strategy to start to get people get to know people that are running the event, you know, they're the ones picking the speakers or people coming to present. So that's what I would say as well. But you do have to start with like, what is the goal in mind, you know, and some people say, Oh, this year, I want to be on X podcast, or every month, I want to get in front of you know, for new audiences that I'm not in front of before. But start off with the goal in mind. And then decide how often you need to be submitting to different podcast or pod podcast groups, or different speaking events. So once again, like for me, if you just put it on your calendar to do it, you know, consistently. So if it's bi weekly, you're going to spend two hours and just submit to some of these podcasts in these events that you've been following, and that maybe you have some notes about what you really enjoyed about the show what resonated with you, you know, so maybe that's your things, keep a spreadsheet of the things you're the people or the podcast or the events that you want to reach out to in the future. And as you think about it, as you come across stuff, save that into that list, so that you can very easily and quickly get back to who you want to reach out to and then what the you know, when did you reach out to them and then what's been the response so far? And so that's it. Those are the four tips for how you can book get booked on more podcasts lives and virtual events as an online An entrepreneur. So let me just summarize those for you real quick again. The first is you have to have a one sheeter so that people know who you are, what you do and how you can benefit their audience. And if it's the right fit. Secondly, you have, you really want to join groups, you know, that are looking for podcast guests, or for speakers. So get in those groups and make sure you know, at least regularly you're looking. And a quick tip there. Usually you can search the group for, you know, key words, or like, maybe if you are focusing on people with life coaching, you could search those words to see what posts come up so that you can respond to ones that might be related to what you do. Okay, the next one is network with people, okay, so get in these groups. And if they have a place where you're allowed to post, co labs, or promotion, or whatever it is, post in those groups. And sometimes they have tags that you can use, it'll let let them know that you're like looking for a guest or collaboration. Do it though it does work. I've done it so many times. And I've gotten some great guests, both in the Facebook groups. And then in some of these networks and these memberships, I'm in as long as you know the rules, make sure you know the rules. Number four is, once you get on some of these podcasts or your speaker at an event, start asking people for suggestions of who you might reach out to or what podcast might be a great fit for you to you know, get on, especially if they know the other podcaster or the other promoter of the event. So that is it for today. And I promise you if one of your goals is to get more exposure for your business, for your brand, to get in front of more people, so that you can grow your audience. This is one of the most straightforward strategies that does not cost you any money and will really help you over time as you get into these bigger audiences. Bring some more people over to you to learn more what you do when it's a fit for that person.

So good luck, I would love to hear from you. Which of these are you going to implement? And as you implement them, I would love to know where are you getting traction and what's working for you. And if you have another tip, besides these four for how to get booked on more podcasts and lives, send me a message or email me I would love to hear it. I want to wrap up today's episode with an excerpt from the book Dream Big by Bob Gough. And the reason I want to share this is I think we are always constantly changing both how we're tweaking our business, how we're serving people how we're showing showing up in our lives. And so this excerpt spoke to me about that. He says, The reason I've had lots of careers and done many things is that I'm constantly changing. You are as well, you can have several ambitions materialize at the same time, or they can happen in a row. There's no wrong way. There's just a wrong time. Get Current with yourself. Don't be who you were, be who you're becoming, figure out how God wired you and then go do lots of that. Only strangers will remember you for your job titles. The bad jobs can get us ready for better for the better ones. And the better ones can prepare us for the best ones. Don't lament your bad ones. Just don't stay in them. Our lie, our legacy will be the amount of love and hope and encouragement we release into the world, our self awareness in our other awareness and our willingness to adapt and to adopt new approaches as we evolve. What we do isn't who we are writing a book doesn't make me an author. It doesn't even mean I'm a guy who can spell. It simply means I'm a guy who tried. I'm sweet Maria's husband and a dad to Lindsay, Richard and Adam and now John and Ashley to if we call ourselves speakers or writers or writers or knife throwers or sword swallowers. But then some night we do a lousy job of speaking or writing or throwing knives, or get the hiccups. It's not just a bad night. It's an identity crisis. identity with your family, your friends, and Jesus. If you load up your job, with your sense of purpose, you are in some danger, some dangerous territory, it's not wrong, just be careful that you don't put all your eggs in that basket with a hole in it. I think that's so good. And I think as the world has changed, and as we have to pivot what we're doing or how we do the things we do in the world, we have to remember, we're just we just need to show up being the best person we can be to serve others, to spread love and just keep iterating and that's okay. So step into your business. Don't be afraid to pivot or to tweak when you need to make that change. And don't be afraid to try new things. And most of all, when it's time, get ready and get onto those podcasts and those events so that you can be a voice you can share your wisdom and your experience and your knowledge with other people. And I also want to let you know I am doing website optimization coaching, where you get a complete website and lead audit and learn how to optimize your website step by step to grow your leads. So if that's of interest to you, head on over to Kristin To learn how you can sign up for an audit with me today. If today's show got you pumped about building your online traffic so you can grow your business. Let's celebrate, pop over and leave a review. Tell us what you loved about today's episode or share this with another boss who's ready to grow next level comm network with other entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and podcasters at my Facebook group to take your business to the next level. or head on over to Kristin Fitch that calm to find out more about my online growth system