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1501 – Complex Technology Services with Msys Technologies’ Sanjay Sehgal
31st March 2023 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Chairman and CEO of MSys Technologies, Sanjay Sehgal. Connecting with Sanjay Sehgal, the Chairman and CEO of MSys Technologies, can provide valuable benefits for individuals and businesses. He is a highly successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology industry, and his expertise can provide valuable insights and advice. As a speaker and thought leader, Sanjay's stories on overcoming obstacles and perseverance can inspire and motivate others.  Additionally, Sanjay is a philanthropist who is actively involved in global digital initiatives for Heartfulness. His commitment to positively impacting society can inspire others to get involved in philanthropic activities. Lastly, connecting with Sanjay can provide opportunities for networking and collaboration, as he has a vast network of contacts in the industry.    About Sanjay Sehgal: Sanjay is a highly successful entrepreneur, CEO, and Chairman of MSys Technologies, a leading IT services, and automation software provider. He has led the company since 2007 and has been instrumental in its consistent growth and success. Under his leadership, MSys Technologies has become a trusted name in the industry, providing product engineering services and digital transformation projects to ISV and Enterprise clients.  Sanjay has been recognized for his contributions to the industry. He received several awards, including the "Most Innovative Digital Transformation CEO" award in 2019 and The TiE Atlanta Top Entrepreneur Award in 2018. He has also been invited to speak at prestigious conferences such as the Web 2.0 Summit Leadership and the Impact of Leadership 21 Conference.  Besides his work in the technology industry, Sanjay is also deeply involved in philanthropic activities. He is a board member and advisor to various technology start-ups in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies.  Sanjay is also a member of the Board of Advisors of the Audisankara Group of Institutions, Board of Trustees of the Heartfulness Education Trust, and Shanti Kunj Constructions. He is a philanthropist actively involved in global digital initiatives for Heartfulness, a non-profit organization. He is an inspiring and motivational speaker who has spoken at conferences on various subjects and themes, including storage, servers, gaming, and the web. He is known for his ability to communicate through his stories of overcoming obstacles, perseverance, and dealing with life's challenges.   About MSys Technologies: MSys Technologies, winner of the SDC Awards, is a reputable and reliable partner for businesses seeking product engineering services and digital transformation projects. With a client base of Enterprise and Silicon Valley customers, MSys Technologies specializes in designing, developing, and managing modern distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations. This expertise enables the company to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their clients' specific needs and requirements. Aside from its technology expertise, MSys Technologies also employs an outcome-based pricing model. This pricing model ensures that clients receive measurable and tangible results which align with their business goals and objectives. This approach allows MSys Technologies to provide excellent value to its clients, and it has been a key factor in the company's continued success and growth. The leadership of MSys Technologies is also a significant contributor to the company's success. Under Sanjay's leadership, the company has become one of the industry's most consistent and trusted providers of IT services and automation software.   Links Mentioned in this Episode: Want to learn more? Check out MSys Technologies website at Check out MSys Technologies on LinkedIn at Check out Sanjay Sehgal on LinkedIn at Check out Sanjay Sehgal on Twitter at Check out Sanjay Sehgal on Instagram at Check out Sanjay Sehgal on Facebook at Don’t forget to subscribe to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur and thank you for listening. Tune in next time!   More from UpMyInfluence: We are actively booking guests for our The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. Schedule HERE. Are you a 6-figure consultant? I’ve got high-level intros for you. Learn more here. What is your #1 Lead Generation BLOCKER? Take my free quiz here. Want to learn more about all the podcasts managed by UpMyInfluence? Opt in here.



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