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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 139, 24th May 2021
TTB 139: The Man Who Hunts Poachers

TTB 139: The Man Who Hunts Poachers

Captain Pete Bethune is a Conservationist, a world record  holder, Producer of his own TV show “The Operatives”, author of two published books, public speaker, and founder of Earthrace Conservation. 

He’s been shot at multiple times, incarcerated in Libya, held under armed guard in a Guatemalan Military camp, and spent 5 months in a maximum security prison in Japan. He was knifed in the chest while investigating wildlife smuggling in the Amazon.  In January this year while on patrol in a Costa Rican National Park he was bitten by the world’s deadliest pit viper, coming perilously close to losing his life. 

His team has closed down 2 wildlife smuggling rings, and a number of illegal mining and illegal logging operations. They’ve patrolled many of the worlds greatest jungles while partnered with local Ranger teams.  They have caught countless vessels fishing illegally in marine protected areas, with many resulting in arrests, prosecutions, and confiscation of boat and catch. 

Captain Bethune is currently based in Costa Rica where he runs a 45m ship, a K9 tracking unit, and a $4m military drone.  His  work is supporting local Ranger teams protecting marine and terrestrial National Parks.

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