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Be Bad, Better with best-selling author, Rebecca Seal
Episode 228th December 2023 • Feel Better Every Day • Eve Menezes Cunningham
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It was a delight to interview Rebecca about her self and Self care intentions and reality. Her latest book (see more below), Be Bad, Better: How Not Trying So Hard Will Set You Free, is out TODAY. Congratulations, again, Rebecca!


I'm your host, Eve Menezes Cunningham, author of 365 Ways to Feel Better: Self-care Ideas for Embodied Wellbeing.

I'm a trauma therapist (with lived experience), supervisor and Self care coach (integrating yoga therapy, NLP, EFT and crystals as appropriate) helping people connect with and take better care of their Self. I run Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham (aka


Rebecca Seal is the author of 13 books, including Be Bad, Better: How Not Trying So Hard Will Set You Free and the bestseller, Solo: How To Work Alone – And Not Lose Your Mind, (September 2020) both published by Souvenir Press (Profile Books) in the UK.

Solo was then published by Simon and Schuster in north America and by Allen and Unwin in Australia, and has been translated into nine languages, including Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish and Chinese.

Rebecca turned what she learned while writing Solo and subsequently during the pandemic into a mental health workshop for remote, hybrid and freelance workers, which she has since delivered to thousands of people, from staff at companies like L’Oreal, Mozilla and MediaCom, to charities like AgeUK and institutions like the LSE. She made a successful three-season podcast, called the Solo Collective, which has been downloaded 100,000 times, to accompany the book, and has appeared on numerous podcasts, big and small, around the world.

Rebecca is also a food and drink writer, and has authored or co-authored nine cookbooks with the LEON restaurant group, including Happy Guts, a cookbook focused on improving gut health. Her latest cookbook, The Ginger Pig Christmas Cook Book, came out in October 2023. She has book deals to write a further two cookbooks and another non-fiction book (this time with Headline), in 2024.

She has been writing professionally for over 20 years and as a freelance features journalist works for all the UK broadsheet newspapers, particularly the Guardian, Observer and Financial Times, and for glossy magazines like Harpers Bazaar and Living Etc.

Rebecca explores topics including post-pandemic mental-health recovery, fat phobia, processed foods, the search for a climate-change resistant chickpea, digital amnesia, and food ASMR in advertising, as well as lighter subjects like household hacks, adaptogenic coffee, what historical figures ate for breakfast and what it’s like to work as a children’s entertainer.

An experienced broadcaster, Rebecca worked on Sunday Brunch, Channel 4, as a weekly expert for five years. (She now appears as a guest several times a year.) She has been on countless national and local radio shows, as a guest expert or showcasing her books.

Rebecca regularly takes part in discussion panels at live and online events and conferences, most recently for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the mental-health charity Mind, at the Press Club in Brussels, for a conversation about mental health in journalism.

Her degrees are from the London School of Economics (International Relations BA Hons) and Kings College London (International Peace and Security MSc, in the departments of War Studies and Law).

You can find her online at:




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