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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 61, 15th April 2021
Is Too Much Competition Stopping You From Finding Clients?
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Is Too Much Competition Stopping You From Finding Clients?

Are you worried about the amount of competition out there, and the effect it's having on you finding clients?

Do you feel there are too many practitioners who provide the same service as you? Maybe you think there are too many alternative options available for prospective clients?

This is a complaint I often hear from practitioners. They feel discouraged and frustrated because there are so many other practitioners competing for new clients. This knocks their confidence and they end up feeling like they'll never be able to earn a living doing the work they love.

  • (02:05) Why competition is good
  • (03:28) Marketing will help you stand out
  • (05:17) Review your current marketing
  • (07:10) Marketing is all about connection
  • (09:36) Stay in your lane

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