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Stars, Stones, and Stories - Ra Ma EPISODE 22, 26th February 2021
Your Devotional Signtaure

Your Devotional Signtaure

Channeling with love and loyalty in this Pisces Season

Journey with me as we discuss the master number 22, devotion as a frequency for this Pisces Season, particularly as we welcome the Virgo Full Moon (conjunct Vesta in Virgo). I share in depth about one of my mentors, beloved Hank Wesselman who recently entered the Spiritworld.

I share with you as an offering of devotion for those who have come before, and the importance of honoring our Elders, Ancestors, and Helping Spirits. This episode culminates with a guided Starseed Akashic meditation.

Blessed be.


22 06:00

Vesta: 18:30

Current Astrology: 33:33

an honoring of Hank Wesselman: 54:45

Starseed Akashic meditation: 1:23:05

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