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Your Devotional Signtaure
Episode 2226th February 2021 • Stars, Stones, and Stories • Ra Ma
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Channeling with love and loyalty in this Pisces Season

Journey with me as we discuss the master number 22, devotion as a frequency for this Pisces Season, particularly as we welcome the Virgo Full Moon (conjunct Vesta in Virgo). I share in depth about one of my mentors, beloved Hank Wesselman who recently entered the Spiritworld.

I share with you as an offering of devotion for those who have come before, and the importance of honoring our Elders, Ancestors, and Helping Spirits. This episode culminates with a guided Starseed Akashic meditation.

Blessed be.


22 06:00

Vesta: 18:30

Current Astrology: 33:33

an honoring of Hank Wesselman: 54:45

Starseed Akashic meditation: 1:23:05

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