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Pig Butchering - Uncovering the Gruesome Truth Behind the Latest Romance Scam
Episode 465th July 2023 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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Don't trust that random text or direct message from a stranger - it might be the first step in a "Pig Butchering" scam. So named in reference to the practice of fattening a pig before slaughter, these scams often involve fraudsters contacting targets seemingly at random, then gaining trust before ultimately manipulating their targets into phony investments and disappearing with the funds.

Today on The Protectors, Mike and Mark welcome Santa Clara County District Attorney Erin West to the show. Erin is proud to serve as prosecutor to REACT -- Santa Clara County's elite high-tech investigative force - focused on bringing down international SIM swappers, disrupting fraudulent call centers abroad, and now actively working to combat the romance investment scam known as pig butchering.

Consumers must always remain alert for scams, especially as new financial products like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become popular. Sit back and enjoy today's show with open ears as Erin lays out everything you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming the next victim under the knife of the pig butcher scammer!


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Erin's Top 3 Safety Tips: "Caution"

  1. Caution with people you meet online
  2. Caution with people that are accelerating an online relationship too quickly
  3. Caution when financial decisions need to be made urgently



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