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December 22, 2022 Afternoon Report
22nd December 2022 • the DELUS REPORT • Delus Johnson
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•Hunter Biden has hired Abbe Lowell, a high-powered defense

lawyer, to help him navigate possible congressional probes.

• The Department of Justice is investigating Hunter Biden

for potentially not paying enough taxes on income he received from serving on

the board of directors for a Ukrainian natural gas company and for the manner

in which he paid off tax obligations in recent years.

• Congressional Republicans plan to investigate President

Joe Biden's family once they take control of the House in January with a focus

on finding out whether Joe Biden was more involved in his son's dealings than

previously known.

•Neal Schon, lead guitarist of Journey, is sending a cease

and desist letter to Jonathan Cain for performing the group's hit "Don't

Stop Believin'" at an event for former President Trump.

• Schon founded Journey in 1972, and he, Cain, and Steve

Perry penned the group's 1981 rock anthem.

• The letter from Schon's legal team says that when Cain

performs on behalf of Journey or the band, it is "extremely deleterious to

the Journey brand as it polarizes the band’s fans and outreach." It also

says that Journey should not be political.

• This is not the first time an artist has taken issue with

their music being played at a political rally - Neil Young sued Trump's

campaign in 2020 after his song "Rockin' in teh Free World" was

played without proper licensing.

An Australian man was rescued off the country's north coast

Wednesday after surviving nearly 24 hours in shark- and crocodile-infested

waters by clinging to a piece of wood.

The Queensland man, who has not been identified, was

discovered by an air rescue crew in the rough waters of the Torres Strait, a

little more than one mile away from his upturned dinghy, according to the

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

The man had left Getullai Island on Tuesday and failed to

arrive at his destination on time. A search by rescue aircraft that evening was

unsuccessful, but resumed the following morning with a helicopter and a police

vessel joining the search.

•The Senate has reached a deal that will allow them to vote

on a $1.7 trillion government funding package, averting a shutdown that would

have occurred Friday at midnight.

• The agreement comes after senators were unable to come to

an agreement Wednesday night over how to handle a GOP border amendment.

• Under the new deal, two dueling border proposals will be

voted on Thursday, both of which are expected to fail. However, this allows

Democrats and Republicans to stake out their positions without jeopardizing the

fate of the broader funding measure.

• If approved, the spending package would boost federal

agency budgets through the fiscal year and includes about $45 billion in

emergency aid to Ukraine and nearly $40 billion for disaster aid.