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Helping Your Sales Team Build Real Confidence with Charlotte Fuller
Episode 9323rd November 2022 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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  • [00:59] - The journey to the mission-driven place that she is today.
  • [04:10] - Coping mechanisms she used to navigate a toxic work environment. 
  • [08:12] - How to establish boundaries in the workplace.
  • [10:59] - Leaving corporate, becoming a nomad, and what the nomad life was like.
  • [13:44] - Her passion for empowering women in the tech space.
  • [18:09] - Why you should have mentors and how to use fear as fuel for success.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with Charlotte Fuller, an expert in helping companies adopt the latest industrial digital technologies. Charlotte earned her Master’s in International Business and has more than a decade of experience working with real-world organizations. Before taking on digital transformation consulting privately, she worked with leading providers of digital transformation services during her time with Microsoft/Accenture. 

She has worked with many industry-leading companies to leverage technology and create operational efficiencies, drive more revenue, and make the necessary decisions required to meet the exact needs of their customer. As a specialist in helping industry-leading organizations strategically adopt emerging technologies, she has experienced the many challenges that so often come with being an ambitious woman in a typically male-dominated environment. 

She is now on a mission to support female tech talent to build the confidence, skills, and mindset required to thrive in their tech careers. Tune in to our conversation as Charlotte talks about the dynamic career she’s had, how she overcame being in a toxic work environment, and what she learned from her digital nomad lifestyle. She will also share how and why it’s critical for sales leaders to build their sales team’s confidence, especially the women on their teams, and so much more.


“Confidence is the ability for us to take thought and put it into action” - Charlotte Fuller

“Without confidence, without that feeling of empowerment, we stay stagnant, stuck, and small” - Charlotte Fuller

“If you are feeling uncomfortable with something, build out someone else, and just step into that person” - Charlotte Fuller

“You have done great things in the past that you did not think you were capable of doing. Write a list of them and pull on them when you need them” - Charlotte Fuller

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