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Episode 15: Stacy Davis Gates
Episode 157th September 2022 • Black Work Talk • Steven Pitts
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In this episode of Black Work Talk’s Season Two, Steven Pitts and his co-host, Sheri Davis, talk with Stacy Davis Gates, President of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). Stacy was one of the founding members of the caucus that formed in 2008 to revitalize the union and fight for a quality education for the youth of Chicago. After 2 years of organizing, caucus leaders won elective offices in the union and began to forge stronger ties with parent groups and other community organizations to battle school administrators and city politicians.

Several times, Stacy mentioned the notion of the CTU working hand-in-hand with parents and community organizers in order to use the power of the union to promote the needs and interests of community residents. This philosophy is captured by the concept of “bargaining for the common good”.

Stacy is on the Advisory Committee of Bargaining for the Common Good – a network of labor and community organizations around the country who believe that when union and community groups work together their joint power can enhance the possibilities of what can be achieved at the negotiating table and in the streets.

To read more about Stacy’s work, see the Chicago Teachers Union website.