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‘Helpful’ Feedback on your Book: Use It or Ignore It?
23rd February 2016 • Zero to Book • Rainmaker.FM
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Should you trust your audience s input on your book, or trust your own gut instead?

Your audience can help craft and refine your book, but how involved should they be in that process?

There s a sweet spot between culling and keeping feedback that Pamela Wilson and Jeff Goins explore here.

Here s another question: while in the midst of writing one book, is it useful to think about your next move? Should you be thinking in terms of a series, or should you focus on the task at hand?

The answer, it turns out, has everything to do with feedback — again.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • The value of bringing your audience into the book writing process
  • Why you shouldn t blog your whole book (but why blogging parts of it is smart)
  • The practice of repurposing: making your book byproduct work for you
  • Jeff s Three Bucket System for content generation and organization

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