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Lenore Philips: Just Ask
Episode 1217th November 2021 • What's Your Why • Twisted Spur Media
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Welcome to another episode of What’s Your Why, where we sit down with the esteemed Lenore Phillips. Lenore is known for many things, but most widely, being the current president of a little company called Phelps Media Group. PMG is an International leader in sports media renowned for and specializing in sports branding, public relations, event coverage, media strategy web design and social media.

I start out our conversation by drawing attention to the idea of a straight, or in this case, not so straight path to destiny. Lenore shares with us her experiences, ups and downs, and twists and turns of this thing that we all call life. Her story is provocative, enduring and full of gumption, and it’s also one that helped turn my attention to consider a different perspective.

I used to think that the road to achieving goals or destiny, whatever you believe, was a path from A to B. I have since discovered through conversations like this one, that you can choose to make your path from A to Z and there are so many wonderful stops and letters along the way. These stops may, or may not change or adjust your thoughts, dreams or trajectory, and that is perfectly ok.

This conversation with Lenore makes me remember a Kelly Cutrone quote, who is the author of “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You”, where she says:

“Dreams won’t always take you on a straight path to destiny, but they’re usually related to what your soul wants for you. They’ll force you to ask yourself the hard questions, they’ll kick your ass and more importantly, they’ll turn you on.”

Enjoy this conversation and I hope that you feel empowered tin understanding that it doesn’t have to be “what it is”, and you always have the power to be the maker of your own destiny. Whether you decide to make your path straight or curvy, it will forever be your choice.