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SELF-AWARENESS. Why is it important?
Episode 316th March 2022 • Catalyst • Kaylin Dyal
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"When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible."

In every mini-sode, I say "honour yourself" or "tune into yourself" and share on how to establish and nurture a relationship with yourself - but what does this mean? In this mini-sode, I share how becoming more self-aware has changed my life, research outcomes, and practices to improve your own self-awareness. As shared in my mini-sodes SYNC. and INTEGRATE., your intuition and relationship with yourself are your personal guides through life I believe in 2 things: living life from the inside-out and that everything we need is within. Tune in and share with your loved ones. .

Honor your self with a guided meditation and healing sound bath by LUCIANA. Journaling is strongly encouraged.

Moment of mindfulness: Gift yourself your own presence.
Centering thought: Be your own guide and healer.

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