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Unf*ck My Business - Unfuck My Business EPISODE 11, 10th August 2021
Pitching To The Media with Nancy Alexander
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Pitching To The Media with Nancy Alexander

"Make it (Your press kit) appealing to the person that needs to make entertaining media, not your ideal customer"

How the fuck do you get on TV/Radio? The indomitable and unforgettable Nancy Alexander joins the UFMB crew to give you the rundown on getting your business in front of the vast audience of local & national media.

In this episode: Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Kathleen Seide, Nancy Alexander

More about Nancy:

Over 20 years in the media-sphere and a self-proclaimed natural actor. From "Nancy in the Sky" on the #1 radio show in the nation at 19, to local FOX news. Nancy Alexander has navigated the airwaves from radio to the television with amazing alacrity and poise.

Connect with Nancy:

Email: NancyAlexanderMedia@gmail.com

IG: nancyalexandermedia

FB: nancyalexanderdangerblonde


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