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How Do I Bonds Work?
Episode 112th May 2022 • Small Business Financial Podcast • Greg Shepard
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In this episode, your host Greg Shepard, dives into the exciting world of I Bonds. These things seem to be all the rage right now!

Greg shares with you how the interest is actually made up of 2 components and how the variable component works (this one's getting all the attention).

Listen as you'll learn how much you can buy into I Bonds and a strategy you can use on your tax refund to bump up that annual limit.

We'll dive into when the interest resets and how it actually compounds for you.

Learn how long Greg advises to hold onto the I Bond and who the I Bond makes the most sense for (depending upon what state you live in).

Finally, Greg briefly talks about if the I Bond makes sense to get into.

Greg is a financial advisor at S&A Financial Services, Inc. and specializes in working with small business owners and their CPA's in providing proactive / wholistic financial solutions.