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019 Califlorida Dreaming
Episode 1922nd May 2018 • Selling Sarasota • Shelley and Edward Panas
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Highlights from this episode

  • Why is Ed in California? - (1:51)
  • What a mountain is...for people who have never left Florida. - (3:40)
  • It's 20 dollar burger day in California...AWESOME! - (5:30)
  • California is nice, but Florida is better! - (6:10)
  • Cue LL Cool J! (Please don't sue us - we love you James!) - (6:38)
  • Shelley will never ever ever ever (never) ever never ever ever ever. -(11:12)
  • A "Mister Ed" joke / reference. It was bound to happen eventually. - (14:27)
  • Stay classy Sarasota! - (18:57)

Ed in California - (1:50)

Ed is in California this week for a client meeting and he is taking some extra time to enjoy some of the sights like Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and Malibu. He spent most of his life in California and the state has a lot going for it, but as Ed points out, Florida is better and he is much happier living here in the Sunshine State!

Shell & Tell How to avoid wire transfer fraud. - (7:09)

Matt from Bradenton asks "So what's the deal with wire transfer fraud? It's got me concerned with even trying to by a house."

Shelley explains how this very serious threat to your home purchase transaction can avoided with a single phone call.

Fun facts about show sign offs - (23:34)

Suggestions from our friends on Facebook:

  • Shawn Yesner You could go with the traditional (fishing) saying of "Tight Lines!" You could use some real estate language like "Escrow is bound on this episode, talk to you next week." Or "This episode is good 'As-Is'"
  • Jimmy Murray "I'm Shelley and this is how you close."
  • Kenny Keeney "Stay classy Sarasota."
  • Rick Odneal "This is Sarasota Shelley, assisting you with your dreams" 
  • Gunner Davis "Shelley sells sea shells by the seashore."
  • Jennifer Beam "This is Shelley signing off to go sell another slice of paradise (Slice/piece/house)"
  • Jennifer Dougherty "Thank ya. Thank ya very much." (the classics never go out of style)
  • Gerald Gary How about: "Until Next Time, Buy Sarasota!"
  • James Flip Benatti If its a physical sign you can play on words Like buy instead of bye, if you're saying it its different. And use your name to reinforce who you are if possible.
  • Dave Swenson "Don't go bananas, call Shelley Panas"
  • Chris Upright "Going with Mr Rogers classic...Won't you be my neighbor
  • Rhett Hall "And remember. Coffee’s for closers!"
  • Deb Wright "Just keeping it real-tor."
  • Gary Estep "Remember, What's here today, May be gone tomorrow!"
  • Don Muckel "Why not just close with May God bless you one and all."
  • HD Timmons "Here's looking at new." (as in new home).

Famous Sign Offs

  • "Good Day!" (Paul Harvey)
  • "And that’s the way it is..." followed by the date (Walter Cronkite)
  • "That’s the nightly news for this Wednesday night..." (Tom Brokaw) 
  • "Good night and good luck: Edward R. Murrow 
  • "Good night, and good news." (Ted Baxter played by Ted Knight on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It’s a parody of and homage to Murrow.)
  • "Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow." (Originally Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin, then Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live)
  • "That’s the news and I’m outta here!" (Dennis Miller - Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live)
  • "That's my story and I'm sticking to it." (Colin Quinn - Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live)
  • "Stay classy San Diego." (Ron Burgundy)
  • "Take care of yourself, and each other." (Jerry Springer)
  • "Baby, you're the greatest!" (Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners)
  • "Good night, John Boy." (The Waltons)
  • "I love it when a plan comes together" (Hannibal on The A-Team)
  • "Who loves you, baby?" (Kojak)
  • "Resistance is futile" (The Borg on Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • "Suit up!" (Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother) 
  • "The tribe has spoken" (Jeff Probst on Survivor)
  • "The truth is out there" (Fox Mulder on The X-Files)



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