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E289 - Simplify and systemize your business, so it can grow to support your lifestyle | with Yvonne Heimann
Episode 2892nd December 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Yvonne Heimann is an ‘efficiency’ entrepreneur who specializes in helping others systemize and simplify their business. Yvonne started her entrepreneurial journey in her early 20s when she opened her first pub in Germany. Over the past 15 years, she founded multiple businesses which are all successful. Today, she coaches other entrepreneurs on how to build and scale a business so that they can support the lifestyle they desire. The first principle Yvonne teaches her clients is to create systems to build a successful business and ensure that it runs smoothly. 

Yvonne believes you need to be building, cleaning up, and optimizing the system before you start running your business. You can recreate and reuse an existing system for new content constantly. A tool that she uses for tasks, project management, and automation is ClickUp, where she bases most of her YouTube content. Written resources like transcripts from audio are created through Transistor FM because of its dynamic features. Once in a while when she really can't think of anything to write and needs a good idea, Jasper is her go-to. 

There is not one piece of software that does 100% of everything you need, therefore it's crucial to simplify your systems. Entrepreneurs are often Changemakers, thinking big, thinking small, and sometimes caught in between all of this. No matter how much you think that your offer is completely tailor-made, chances are that the framework is customized to the needs of your client, and this means your delivery is customized. You should actually be guiding your client through changes and the impact that you're having on them. 

Yvonne helps her clients figure out their existing framework and see the benefits of allowing a team to do their thing. Giving specific boundaries and expectations on how they want their business and brand to show up. Send the team off with the resources and let them think through the problem and update the SOP themselves. Have an SOP for the process, which is also built in a way that can support existing team members that don't need as much information, but also educate new members. Have a drop-down entry for the SOP. Meaning, when you click on a little arrow it gives you more details like screenshots and resources to specific tools. 

When I start working with a new client, we will identify what has the biggest impact with the least effort possible, we put it on paper, lay it out, and build those workflows and visual charts. Once that's done, we look at how we can automate it. From manual data entries and other admin tasks to organic social media marketing, and then review and repeat!  You don’t constantly have to spend money to market and reach new clients, clients will stick around because they are happy that things flow easily. When you have no system, you will have no vacations! Streamline, systematize and simplify!

In this episode:

[1:47] Systemize and simplify your business

  • Create a system to build a successful business and ensure that it runs smoothly

[05:24] Tools for different processes

  • Recreate and reuse an existing system for new content constantly
  • ClickUp, Transistor FM, and Jasper

[08:38] Systematize by simplifying

  • Grow and deliver more amazing value
  • There is a framework behind every single way you do something

[11:25] Discover the existing framework you have built

  • Let the team do their thing
  • Give specific boundaries on how you want your business and brand to show up

[11:25] Walking clients through the sore framework

  • Decide what has the biggest impact with the least effort 
  • Put it on paper, lay it out, and build workflows