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Identifying and Solving Problems in Education with Dr. Juul Christensen
Episode 1029th November 2021 • Reimagining Schools • Erin Starkey M.Ed.
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In today's episode, Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen and I discuss some of the problems and challenges facing our current education system and possible solutions. Dr. Christensen is the Executive Chairman and founding partner of Area9.

Growing up in a family of educators, Dr. Christensen has long had an affinity for both teaching and learning. Since founding his first company in 1997, he has continued to devote his professional life to advancing an improved, highly individualized way of learning, and has been driving the development of Area9 and McGraw-Hill Education’s adaptive learning platforms.

In addition, Dr. Christensen serves on the boards and advisory boards of several educational organizations, and have served on numerous boards - both commercial and non-profit - boards the past 20+ years . He is available to connect on LinkedIn at