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15. Seasonal Meal Planning Made Easy with Huckle & Goose
Episode 1521st August 2020 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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Lady Farmer sits down with Christine and Anca, the duo behind the Huckle & Goose cookbook and meal planning program, to talk about what it really means to cook, eat, and live seasonally. Their book is designed to speak to even the most intimidated home cooks, and the habit-forming plans and recipes that they offer make space for true transformation in your life. Scroll down to view notes by timestamp, and links to all the resources we mention throughout the episode.

00:51 - Intro with Mary and Emma

02:53 - Early Bird tickets on sale now for the Virtual Slow Living Retreat on November 14 and 15

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Let’s get into the interview! 

08:53 - Inspiration behind Huckle and Goose 

18:17 - How has the concept of eating/cooking changed

26:15 - Breaking down barriers to create healthier habits

29:40 - Why cooking at home is more beneficial - the less obvious reasons

33:05 - Eating seasonally connects you to nature

39:43 - Set a day aside to schedule and plan out meals 

53: 32 - Keeping habits during the pandemic

1:08:32 - Origin of the name Huckle and Goose


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