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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 125, 15th February 2021
TTB 125: Exploring Colombia

TTB 125: Exploring Colombia

Matt Waugh, a Scottish Expat, moved to Peru in 2006 as a tour leader responsible for groups of tourists from all over the world. He now leads treks throughout Peru and Colombia, and today we discussed his tours through the Colombian jungle!  Matt is the Co-Founder of South Andes Tour Agency & Operator which specializes in local options and personalized experiences for hikes in Peru and Colombia. 

Inside the Episode:

  • (08:35): Matt starts us off with his incredible story of being stuck within Colombia for four months, starting in March of 2020 at the height of the global lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • (21:41): We make the transition into Colombian tourism, but first tackle the big question: Is Colombia dangerous?!
  • (31:03): We get into a discussion on the culture, environment, and tourist attractions of Colombia. 
  • (52:00): What’s the infrastructure in Colombia like? As Matt tells us - you can enjoy everything from major hotel chains to small village stays.
  • (01:10:29): Matt’s specialty is off the beaten path. He’s an explorer; and those that book with him are too. His treks wind through unknown trails exploring parts of Colombia that you’ll never read about in Lonely Planet. As they say, “the best views come after the hardest climb”, and with Matt you’ll see the authentic side of this overlooked South American gem. 
  • (01:22:40): Rapid Fire Round!

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