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Episode 13: Unlocking Upper Leadership Support: 5 Strategic Steps for Lab Leaders
Episode 1324th April 2024 • eLABorate Topics • dibroadcasting
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 In this episode of the eLABorate Topics podcast, host Lona Small delves into the challenge faced by lab leaders in securing support from upper leadership for their initiatives. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, Lona outlines five strategic steps to effectively garner the backing needed for successful lab projects. From knowing your "why" to presenting results, each step is crucial in navigating the complexities of organizational support. Join Lona as she shares practical advice and actionable tips for lab leaders seeking to make an impact in their institutions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to the challenge of securing support from upper leadership
  • Personal anecdotes and insights on navigating organizational dynamics
  • Five strategic steps to secure upper leadership support:
    1. Know Your Why
    2. What's In It For Them
    3. Communicate The Value Of The Initiative
    4. Have Stakeholder Representatives As Champions On The Project
    5. Present Results To Upper Leadership
  • Common pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • Encouragement for lab leaders to start small and build trust with upper leadership

Lona Small, Executive Coach for Lab Leaders
Co-Hosts: Tywauna Wilson, Stephanie Whitehead

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