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The Bull & The Bear - Money & Markets EPISODE 28, 29th July 2020
Bitcoin Crosses $11,000 — What to Do Now
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Bitcoin Crosses $11,000 — What to Do Now

Just when it seemed like cryptocurrencies were finding a bit of market stability, bitcoin goes and changes the game.

From its recent low of $4,970.70 in March — due to the coronavirus crash — to its price (as of Wednesday) above $11,000, its value has jumped more than 120%.

Bitcoin has been considered by some investors to be a safe haven against market volatility equal to gold (we’ve talked about that before, here).

The big question for investors is: How high will bitcoin go?

In this episode of The Bull & The Bear, host Matthew Clark goes in-depth on bitcoin.

We know that bitcoin is a bit of an enigma, but investors have real questions about whether the cryptocurrency is worth investing in or not.

We’ll examine bitcoin and how it’s performed recently. It’s important to take a hard look at the data surrounding the cryptocurrency to see just what it says.

What’s even better is you’ll get insight on what you should do with bitcoin — if you are thinking about buying or already have them in your portfolio.

Remember, bitcoin — along with other cryptocurrency’s — can be risky investments. You need to know what the trends are and what the data tell you to determine if it is worth investing in.

That’s why we do the work for you by looking at specific stocks, exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrencies and providing our analysis to give you the most sound and reliable information.