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The Perks of Being a Weirdo with TikTok celeb, Erick, aka- @ebt_htx
Episode 523rd May 2022 • Queer 2 Queer Cast • Collin Miller
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The young ones are alright! Actually, they're more than alright. They're incredible! Exemplifying all that is awesome when it comes to queer life for minors is my new friend Erick. He creates hilarious videos on TikTok and is unafraid to express his bold side, no matter who may object to his unabashed voice. It was inspiring to hear how someone so young could be so confident, and yet, this energetic influencer was up front about how hard it is to battle depression. People of all ages and orientations fight for their mental health on a daily basis, and its people like Erick who win this battle, not only for themselves, but for their struggling peers as well.

*Content warning* - we discuss dark elements of mental health, including self-harm. Please take care of yourself before you listen.

You're never too young to make a difference, and Erick has only begun his journey towards making a difference in the lgbtq community. If you haven't taken the opportunity to pause and reflect on what an inquisitive teenager has to say in a while, then I encourage you to do so right the heckie now!

I was so thankful to have spent some time getting to know this content creator from a different world. Get to know Erick's opinions and fierce flare by following him here:

Instagram: @erixkhtx

Snap: @htxerick.t

TikTok: @ebt_htx

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