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Supply chain logistics and M&A Starring Ian Kirkpatrick
Episode 3110th October 2022 • 100 Days and Beyond • Dudley Peacock
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Welcome to another episode of 100 days and beyond. Today we have Ian Kirkpatrick with us. He is the Head of Transformation and a highly experienced, commercially astute business leader (COO/HR Director/Logistics Director) who has transformed HR, supply chain and facilities functions during M&A across multiple sectors.


Ian Kirkpatrick started his career as a graduate trainee in food manufacturing. After that, he moved to dispatch and distribution and got into leadership, leading and helping people through the change.

He has worked for RS Components, The Culina Group, Europa Worldwide Group, Kwik Fit & European Tyres, Itochu Corporation, Stapleton Tyres, Scottish & Newcastle, Coop Retail Logistics and Premier Foods. His significant projects include M&A involving large scale TUPE/redundancy, business turnaround and system improvements leading to significant cost cutting, improved sales and cultural change.

Supply chain and logistics

Logistics are buying the right products, putting and selling them at the right place, and then delivering on time. If you can win people, you can win logistics.

Ian has learned over the years that it doesn’t matter how much money you invest in any business or property. The vital part is excellent customer service.

Pre-deal process and due diligence in M&A

The key aspects to access in M&A before making a deal with the target acquisition are shared by Ian Kirkpatrick. These are as follows:

• Start with communication because communicating with people is the key part. You must look at the customer feedback online and you can also look at it without the Internet by communicating with the salespeople because they know the customers and what drives margin.

• Look at their customer records to know about the organisation.

• You are required to look at the value of assets, stock, property, and liabilities that go along with people.

These were a few of the consequences shared by Ian Kirkpatrick. To know more about his splendid journey, tune into the podcast.

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