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"I've Gotta Get This Done, or Else": How Mitch Passed His CPA Exams
Episode 12820th October 2023 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In this SuperfastCPA podcast interview, you'll discover the tweaks Mitch made to his study process that helped him pass his CPA exams after studying for several years off and on.


Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00 Mitch Bredberg Interview
  • 04:32 The PRO Course Videos Helped
  • 05:25 How Mitch Got Started with the CPA Exams
  • 07:46 "This has to be the year I pass..."
  • 09:48 Mitch's Study Process Before SuperfastCPA
  • 11:31 When the Normal Study Approach Doesn't Work
  • 13:31 "There was just so much to know and memorize..."
  • 15:58 "No gimmicks, no catch, here's the information you need to pass."
  • 17:35 Planting the Seeds: The Difference Maker
  • 19:59 Superfast Strategy: So effective that he could study like that all day
  • 24:15 The Feeling After Passing His First Section After More Than Two Years
  • 26:08 Utilizing SuperfastCPA to Study Throughout the Day
  • 29:29 Mitch's Process for Making Flashcards
  • 32:48 Coaching High School Football
  • 34:06 Passing the exam and finally having his summers back
  • 35:42 Mitch's Wife Noticed a Big Difference
  • 37:54 Studying on Weekends
  • 39:38 How Much Time For The Final Review?
  • 44:47 Passing the exam was "...almost poetic"
  • 47:09 Top Tips for People Still Struggling with the CPA Exams
  • 49:26 Applying the SuperfastCPA Strategies to the CMA Exams
  • 51:16 Almost Got Four for Four After Switching to SuperfastCPA Strategies
  • 55:39 Favorite NFL Kicker

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