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Ep 114: Training with Newfound Purpose - The Path to Getting Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Jamie Bouziotis
Episode 11420th March 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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The majority of our athletes we coach have had success in the past building strength, packing on muscle, or improving their power and endurance; however, putting it all together at the same time (while staying pain-free) never felt attainable. Today’s guest, long-time Rebel client, and strength and conditioning coach at Melbourne Strength Culture down in Australia, Jamie Bouziotis (boo-zee-oh-tis), is a testament to the above. Jamie has been training with us for around two years and is bigger, faster, stronger, and better conditioned than ever before. But it hasn't always been that way...

Coming from a fighting background, Jamie had numerous injuries and pain holding back his training and felt like he was stuck going through the motions. I wanted to have Jamie on the show this week because I think that's a story a lot of folks (maybe even you) can relate to... AND I want to show you how we helped him not only get back on track but be better than ever before using tools and strategies like rapid results and feedback, the gamification process, autoregulation, and pinpointing exercise selection.

Listen in to discover the steps we took to help Jamie unlock total package strength, physique, and athleticism so you can implement it in your own training.

 What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [05:46] Jamie’s training prior to coming on board with Rebel
  • [06:25] The challenges involved in transitioning from fighting to lifting
  • [09:54] Finding short-term purpose in a long-term process
  • [11:42] Understanding the type of programming enhanced athletes need
  • [14:13] The gamification process of programming
  • [17:20] Benefits of an autoregulation protocol
  • [19:07] The big rocks that separate Rebel’s process from others
  • [23:24] Exercise execution and the influence of position
  • [26:38] Why good programming is all through the lens of fatigue management
  • [28:33] The handful of variables for programming a big movement
  • [34:10] Where to find Jamie


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