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We REALLY Need to Talk About Electricity [E126]
Episode 12620th March 2024 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Matt Fanslow explores the complexities of electricity in automotive diagnostics. He breaks down fundamental concepts of volts, amps, resistance, and Ohm's law, using practical examples to clarify their roles in vehicle electrical systems.

Show Notes

  • Challenges of Explaining Electricity (00:01:15) 
  • Fundamental Aspects of Electricity (00:02:42) 
  • NAPA Auto Tech Training (00:18:20)
  • Understanding Voltmeter Readings (00:19:21) 
  • Ground Reference and Voltage Drop (00:20:29) 
  • Effect of Resistance on Voltage (00:22:44) 
  • Series Circuit and Voltage Split (00:29:17) 
  • Verification of Electrical Issues (00:32:29) 
  • Fuse Block and Voltage Verification (00:34:44) 

Voltage Drop Testing (00:34:55)

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