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Becoming a Good Mom Over a Perfect Mom with Gladys Simon
Episode 131st December 2021 • Empress of Empowerment • Lauren Weiss
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Do you struggle with trying to be a perfect mom in a world where perfection is just an illusion? How about you work to become a good mom from now on instead of striving for unachievable perfection?

On the show today, we have Gladys Simon, a life coach, and an advocate for working moms who are trying to master their work and family. Becoming a mom transformed how Gladys viewed the world from a quite introverted bubble to living an authentic life where she uses her voice.  Gladys believes that you can be an imperfect mom and a fantastic mom at the same time.

Listen in to learn the importance of listening to your mom guilt on what you’re neglecting and fixing it rather than trying to fight it. You will also learn how to discover your superpowers and practice them daily after becoming a mom.

What You Will Learn:

· [2:13] How to be the good mom that your children need over trying to be a perfect mom.

· [5:04] How to fix mom guilt by checking on what you might be neglecting rather than fighting it.

· [8:47] The work-life blend – creating harmony with your activities as a working mom.

· [12:29] The power of being self-aware and saying yes to yourself to recharge, and be the person you need to be for yourself and others.

· [17:45] How to unlock your superpower/what you bring to the table after becoming a mom.

· [23:01] Why Gladys would tell her younger self

to trust her instincts more.

· [24:17] How she’s empowered by seeing people thriving and is inspired by her children.

· [26:00] How to connect with Gladys and what to expect from her.


·   “Life and work blend into each other because they revolve around one person, which is YOU.”- Gladys [9:34]

·   “Saying yes to yourself is realizing that you’re running on low power and taking the time to gladly charge the battery.”-Gladys [15:08]

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