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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 12th March 2021
TCA Ep801: Show Me Your Business
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TCA Ep801: Show Me Your Business

Welcome to another not pleasant - but tolerable - episode of the Tall Can Audio podcast.

We welcome Michaela Schreiter back from the DL and talk about what's kept her sidelined. She's not totally back to 100% so it's up to Matt to carry the beer load today and he goes off the board for a little something different.

Talk quickly turns to the news that rocked the Canadian football world this week - that being that the CFL has entered in to some discussions with The Rock and the XFL about possible opportunities to work together. Could this be the end of the 3 Down version of the game? How much change are Canadian football fans willing to put up with to see their league survive?

Later on we get in to the NHL's new TV deal in the US with ESPN and what it's implications are for the league in general. And we wind things down by taking a look at the Justin Bieber music video dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs and why it had so many people melting down.

All that and plenty more in a jam packed edition of the podcast.

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